Quebec’s English school board reform is unconstitutional, court rules

The Quebec Superior Court’s ruling on Bill 40 is “a significant victory not only for the English-speaking community of Quebec, but for official language minority communities across Canada,” reads a statement by QCGN President Eva Ludvig.  Read more

Victory for the English-speaking community over Bill 40

“(W)e are particularly pleased that our rights have been recognized and respected thanks to this decision,” says Dan Lamoureux, president of the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) about the Quebec Superior Court’s ruling on Bill 40. “This is an important victory not only for the English-speaking community in Quebec, but also for official language […]

Bill 40 Violates Education Rights of Quebec’s English-speaking Minority Community, Superior Court Justice Rules

The Quebec Community Groups Network applauds a landmark Quebec Superior Court decision that strongly affirms the Constitutional minority language educational rights of Canadians. Read more

Robert Libman: Is Justin Trudeau rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic?

Ontario MP Arif Virani takes over the role of justice minister and attorney general following the removal of LaSalle—Emard—Verdun MP David Lametti from the federal cabinet last week. “The Quebec Community Groups Network is probably already working on organizing a meeting,” writes columnist Robert Libman. Read more

QCGN Welcomes Randy Boissonnault as the new Federal Minister of Official Languages

Montreal – July 26, 2023 – The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) looks forward to working with Randy Boissonnault, the newly appointed Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages. We also welcome the appointment of Anita Anand as the new President of the Treasury Board. Both have key leadership roles in the implementation of […]


Quebec French Language Ministry says Montrealer who was denied English service by RAMQ was entitled to it

Under Bill 96, we can expect to see more incidents like that of Susan Starkey, who was hung up on by the RAMQ for asking to converse in English, says QCGN President Eva Ludvig. Read more

RAMQ must serve certain users in English, French language ministry confirms

“He made me feel like a second-class citizen.” West Island resident Susan Starkey speaks about her phone call with a RAMQ employee who, despite being bilingual, hung up on her after she asked to communicate in English. QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge says that the passage of Bill 96 will lead to such egregious incidents. […]

Montreal woman says RAMQ hung up on her because she spoke English

“[François Legault] promised that health care services wouldn’t be impacted by Bill 96.” MNAs Gregory Kelley and Madwa-Nika Cadet voice their indignation over a 75-year-old West-Island woman being hung up on by the RAMQ due to her lack of knowledge of French. The QCGN voiced its discontent of the RAMQ’s conduct on Twitter. Read more

Townshippers’ won’t plan protests against contentious language laws, president says

The Townshippers’ Association will meet with elected officials to express its concerns about Bill 96, rather than organize protests about the language legislation, says Townshipppers’ President Don Warholtz. The approach taken by groups like the QCGN and the Task Force on Linguistic Policy “is a little bit different than us,” he adds.  Read more

Man furious after Quebec-issued death certificate not accepted because it’s not in French

Under Bill 96, the family of a man who passed away 14 years ago is required to pay $100 for the death certificate to be officially translated into French. “There are so many elements in Bill 96 that are so invasive, so ridiculous, so unnecessary that we knew as time went on and things started […]

Protecting … by removing protections?

Pontiac Journal editorial writer Fred Ryan asks, “Does C-13 actually modify Canada’s constitution — without going through the constitutional process of national consent?” He continues, “If the QCGN interpretation is accurate, then it seems, to a layman, that the federal Liberal government has allowed a serious end-run around constitutional guarantees by strengthening Quebec’s Bill 96.” […]

MP Chatel voted away power to fight notwithstanding clause

Pontiac MP Sophie Chatal has been a vocal opponent of the pre-emptive use of the notwithstanding clause, yet supported Bill C-13, which makes references to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language. Though Chatal suggests that the new federal law will protect English services in Quebec, the Quebec Community Groups Network has argued that C-13 allows […]

For equality in Canada’s Official Languages Bill

Including the references to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language within Bill C-13 “does not provide any additional protections to the French language in the federal law,” Senator Tony Loffreda told his fellow senators before the bill was passed. He pointed out that “Marion Sandilands, a lawyer and member of the Quebec Community Groups Network […]

C-13 set to become law with Bill 96 references

Bill C-13 is set to become law after senators voted in favour of the legislation on Thursday. During the June 5 testimony to the Senate committee studying the bill, lawyer Marion Sandilands, representing the Quebec Community Groups Network, argued that the inclusion of references to Quebec’s Bill 101 within the federal C-13 “impacts the interpretation” […]

Language politics take centre stage in Montreal federal byelection

“There’s a sense, not unjustified, that the federal government is more interested in getting along with the Quebec government than protecting us,” Joan Fraser tells the CBC. The English-speaking community has been left on edge, adds the former senator and editor-in-chief of the Montreal Gazette, now a board member of the Quebec Community Groups Network […]