Revamp of the Official Languages Act raises concerns among legal experts and Quebec Anglos

QCGN President Eva Ludvig explains that English- and French-speaking community associations and groups had been in agreement about what the modernization of the Official Languages Act stood for. “It’s when […]

QCGN Welcomes Quebec Budget Support for English-speaking Community

The Quebec Community Groups Network welcomes the allocation of $31.5 million in support of Quebec’s English-speaking community in today’s provincial budget. Read more

Townshippers’ Co-founder Marjorie Goodfellow recognized for language rights activism

Townshippers’ Association co-founder Marjorie Goodfellow is recognized by the Office of the Commissioner for Official Languages for her 40 years of advocacy for the rights of Quebec’s English-speaking community. She […]

Marlene Jennings: It’s not alarmism when there’s cause for concern

The Liberal MPs who have spoken out against mention of the Charter of the French Language in Bill C-13 have undeservedly raised the ire of many in the French-language media, […]

The sum of success: This teacher has helped countless students learn to love math

Alix Adrien, a longtime educator and QCGN board member, is named one of the CBC’s Black Changemakers of 2023. Now president of the Quebec Board of Black Educators, Adrien brought […]

Désinformation et fausse égalité

Columnist Michel C. Auger accuses the QCGN, Liberal MPs, and other community organizations advocating for English-speaking Quebecers of spreading misinformation about the Charter of the French Language amid the ongoing […]

Podcast : MP Anthony Housefather details opposition to parts of the new federal Official Languages Act

QCGN President Eva Ludvig thanks the Liberal MPs who “have been very courageous and taking political risk” by defending Quebec’s English-speaking during the study of Bill C-13. Listen here

Prominent local businessman Mitch Garber offers to buy stake in Montreal Gazette

The Montreal Gazette is “an English language institution,” and a plan to cut a significant portion of the newsroom means that English-speaking Quebecers “will be losing an important voice for […]

CBC Montreal News February 15, 2023

Including references to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language within the federal government’s Bill C-13 sets a precedent for other provinces in the rest of Canada to use the notwithstanding […]

The Montrealer

Sylvia Martin-Laforge – Director General of the Quebec Community Groups Network advocating for English-speaking Quebecers

QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge speaks to The Montrealer about the QCGN’s work in advocating for Quebec’s English-speaking community on the provincial and federal levels, and how the organization has […]

OPEN LETTER: Commons committee votes to forsake Quebec anglophones

The QCGN is profoundly disappointed that the House of Commons Standing Committee on Official Languages has allowed references to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language to remain in proposed new […]

Editorial: Speaking up for the English-language minority

The concerns about the protection of the rights of English-speaking Quebecers in Bill C-13 voiced by the Quebec Community Groups Network, among others, “have been courageously brought forward in Ottawa […]

What is the Difference Between a Common and Official Language?

At the House Committee on Official Languages’ meeting on Jan, 31, 2023, a Bloc Québécois motion to insert “French as the common language of Quebec” into Canada’s Official Languages Act […]

Community mobilizes to stop staff cuts at Montreal Gazette

A petition calling for planned cuts to the Montreal Gazette newsroom is being circled widely across Quebec’s English-speaking community. “The Gazette provides the perspective of the English-speaking community and to […]


Contrary to what some political commentators have claimed, the attempt by Liberal MPs to remove mention of the Charter of the French Language from Bill C-13 was an attempt to […]