QCGN launches Access to Justice project for English-speakers with concerns of Bill 96

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), one of the organizations that are part of Quebecers against Bill 96 – Quebec’s French-language law – launched an Access to Justice website, something they say will work to inform English-speaking communities in the province about their rights to access justice, services, and resources. Read more

Marlene Jennings steps down as QCGN president

Marlene Jennings has announced that she is stepping down as president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, the English-language advocacy group that has been in the spotlight for the past year speaking out against the newly passed language law Bill 96. Read more

Marlene Jennings has stepped down as head of QCGN

Marlene Jennings has stepped down from her role as president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, the QCGN announced Friday. “Thank you for your Herculean efforts these past 18 months,” the group said in a tweet. Read more

Quebec English-language advocacy group president steps down

Changes are coming to Quebec Community Groups Network, an English-language support group in Montreal. QCGN president Marlene Jennings has decided not to seek another mandate after serving in the post for two years. Read more

Les anglophones du Québec craignent un régime à deux vitesses

“I would like to express our community’s deep disappointment with the federal government’s recognition of the Charter of the French Language as amended by Bill 96 in the Official Languages Bill,” QCGN President Marlene Jennings said in committee on Monday. Read more

QCGN Proposes Major Amendments to Federal Bill Modernizing the Official Languages Act

A federal bill aimed at modernizing the Official Languages Act is proposing radical changes that will have adverse impacts on the interpretation of this quasi- constitutional law and Quebec’s English-speaking community. That was the message the Quebec Community Groups Network took to parliamentarians examining Bill C-13 on Monday. Read more

Legault doubles down on decline of French as Bill 96 is signed into law

D’Arcy-McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum, the party’s point person for the English-speaking community, reported hearing Legault make remarks about citizens in the West Island in the legislature during the question period. The premier received a strong rebuke from the Quebec Community Groups Network, the umbrella group for English-language organizations. Read more

Montreal lawyer Julius Grey to head legal team challenging Bill 96

Almost as soon as the Coalition Avenir Québec government’s Bill 96 was passed into law on Tuesday last week, Montreal constitutional rights lawyer Julius Grey was announcing the creation of a legal team to contest the legislation updating the province’s 45-year-old Bill 101 language law. “We will also be supporting upcoming legal challenges to the […]

Pundits, advocacy groups knock CAQ’s Bill 96 ad in the Montreal Gazette

English-language advocacy groups and some pundits reacted with dismay and consternation to a full-page advertisement taken out by the Quebec government in the Montreal Gazette Tuesday defending its recently passed Bill 96 legislation. “Just take a look at all the people, learned, credible individuals, who have addressed each of those issues,” said QCGN treasurer Eva Ludvig. […]

Bill C-13 Weakens Federal Lifeline to English-speaking Quebec When it is Most Needed

The Quebec Community Groups Network is calling on the Government of Canada to immediately remove all reference to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language from Bill C-13, the proposed legislation amending the Official Languages Act, and creating a new law that will impose language of work and service obligations for French only on federally regulated […]

Is Quebec about to push Canada into another language war? Five things you need to know

Toronto Star reporter Tonda MacCharles highlights the growing divisions brought on by Quebec’s Bill 96. She writes: “The Quebec Community Groups Network, a not-for-profit umbrella group, has mobilized against it, organizing two rallies this month, and vowing to mount court challenges.” Read more

Pierre Poilievre only Conservative leadership candidate to stay mum on Bill 96

Ontario MP Pierre Poilievre is the only candidate in the Conservative leadership race to stay mum on Quebec’s controversial new language law, Bill 96. The law’s consequence to the federal government (touching on official languages and the Constitution) mean “these are not minor questions that nobody really cares about,” said Joan Fraser, a retired Liberal […]


Montrealers rally against Bill 96, Quebec’s French language reform

Montrealers came out Thursday at Place du Canada to rally against Bill 96, Quebec’s French language reform. The bill was officially adopted at the National Assembly on Tuesday – and leaders of the province’s English-speaking community say they will continue to be vocal against it. “We have a long way to go, but we’re on […]

Hundreds of protesters in Montreal protest Quebec’s Bill 96

Around 500 people led a protest Thursday against Bill 96 — the province’s new language reform law that brings sweeping new changes that some say it not reflective of an inclusive Quebec. “Premier Legault and the CAQ has completely re-ordered the societal democracy that we have built,” says QCGN President Marlene Jennings, “And when I […]

Bill 96: Opponents of new French language law express ‘sadness, frustration’ at protest

The Coalition Avenir Quebec’s  Bill 96 — aimed at protecting and bolstering the French language in Quebec — may have been passed into law earlier this week, but that has done little to quell the English-speaking community’s opposition to the legislation. Quebecers Against Bill 96, a group created by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) , the […]