Tom Mulcair: Dark days for Quebec anglos

“As another long year in politics draws to a close, the English-speaking community of Quebec finds itself as hard-pressed as at any time in recent history,” writes former politician Tom […]

Poll shows francophone support for rights of English speakers

Poll commissioned by the QCGN shows that a majority of French-speaking Quebecers support the rights of English-speaking Quebecers. Read more

Support for English-language school boards in Quebec is growing: poll

Some 90 per cent of Quebec respondents to a Léger survey commissioned by the QCGN say that English-language schools boards are important. About 93 per cent indicate that they feel […]

Working together pays dividends for official language minority communities!

Thanks to the concerted action of organizations representing the interests and needs of Francophone and Anglophone official language minority communities, especially in the field of broadcasting, the Canadian Radio-television and […]

English is not in peril in Quebec, François Legault says

“English is not a species in peril in Quebec,” says Premier François Legault in response to federal Liberal MPs defending Quebec’s English-speaking community during a committee meeting examining Bill C-13. […]

Federal Bill C-13 will be disastrous for Canadians and Canada

“All Canadians should be outraged by Bill C-13,” writes William Steinberg, former Mayor of Hampstead. “The biggest problem with C-13 can be fixed easily by removing all references to Quebec’s […]

Quebec Community Groups Networks addresses federal Bill C-13

“We want the stability of having English and French recognized equally in our provinces and as Canadians,” says QCGN Executive Director Sylvia Martin-Laforge, adding that Bill C-13 goes directly against […]

French-speaking Quebecers support anglo rights

French-speaking Quebecers strongly support the rights of English-speaking Quebecers, according to the November poll by Léger conducted for the QCGN.  Read more

French-speaking Quebecers Strongly Support Right of English-speaking Citizens to Obtain Government Services in English – Poll

Quebecers, both French and English, agree that English-speaking Quebecers should have equal access to government services in their own language. This is one of the conclusions of polling conducted for […]

Most French-speakers support right of anglophones to get important government services in English: poll

The majority of French-speaking Quebecers support the right for those in the province’s English-speaking community to receive government services in English, according to a Léger poll commissioned by the QCGN. […]


Many demand increased protection for rights of English-speaking Québecers: poll

A recent poll by the QCGN indicates that 77 per cent of Quebec Francophones believe that the federal government should continue to safeguard the rights of the province’s English-speaking minority, […]

Most Quebecers, English and French, Want Ottawa to Protect Rights of English-speaking Quebecers: Poll

English-speaking Quebecers strongly believe the federal government must do more to support and safeguard their rights. This is underscored by recent polling conducted for the Quebec Community Groups Network. It […]

Safeguard minority language rights

“Bill C-13 purports to modernize our Official Languages Act. But what the government of Canada is really proposing is to create a discriminatory language regime in Quebec that will not […]

OPEN LETTER: New Official Languages Act must safeguard language rights of English-speaking Quebecers

“New Official Languages Act must safeguard language rights of English-speaking Quebecers,” the QCGN states in an open letter in the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph Read more

Opinion: Ottawa’s language legislation would do long-term damage

“We urge parliamentarians to remove all references to the Charter of the French Language from Bill C-13 and not to throw our minority linguistic community overboard,” writes QCGN President Eva […]