Official languages, real inequality

In an editorial taking a broad view of the federal Action Plan for Official Languages announced last week, Robert Dutrisac of Le Devoir takes note of the response of the […]

Federal official languages action plan gets mixed reviews

Measures specific to English-speaking Quebecers include $6.5 million over five years to support the training and integration of bilingual health personnel. However, says Eva Ludvig, president of the Quebec Community […]

Liberals attempt ‘balancing act’ with new Official Languages Action Plan: observers

With their newly announced official languages policy, the federal Liberals are “speaking to different constituencies” both inside and outside of Quebec, and trying to balance political pressures on a file […]

Teach anglophones and allophones French with $137.5M from Ottawa: Roberge

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) expresses disappointment that Jean-François Roberge, Quebec’s minister for the French language, does not see any need to use funding for the province’s Anglophones – […]

New federal funding for Quebec’s anglophone community creates controversy

A thriving and vibrant English-speaking community benefits the provincial government and all Quebecers, emphasizes Eva Ludvig, QCGN president, after an array of National Assembly figures blast new federal funding for […]

The Action Plan for Official Languages will set aside money to support the English-speaking community in Quebec

The ways new federally supplied funding under the Action Plan for Official Languages will ultimately be allocated, the process of nailing down specific purposes and objectives, is likely to be […]

Official Languages: The money for communities must be put towards francization, says Roberge

The federal Action Plan funds destined to assist Anglophones in Quebec should be utilized for French-language instruction of the English-speaking community, said Quebec’s minister of the French language, Jean-François Roberge, […]

Federal Official Languages Plan: Roberge calls for money for English-speaking communities to be used for francization

While the approach adopted by Jean-François Roberge, Quebec minister for the French language, is disappointing, it is quite normal that some Action Plan funding is already used and will continue […]

Canadian Parents for French Welcomes the Action Plan for Official Languages 2023-2028

Ottawa, April 27, 2023 — Canadian Parents for French welcomes the Government of Canada’s new Action Plan for Official Languages 2023–2028: Protection-Promotion-Collaboration, launched on April 26 by the Minister of […]


Anglo Mps from Quebec not in Attendance for Official Languages Announcement

MPs representing Quebec ridings with a significant English-speaking population have raised objections to the Trudeau government’s Bill C-13, updating the Official Languages Act (OLA). None — other than Prime Minister […]

Roughly $280M of Federal Languages Action Plan for English Quebecers

“There are specific programs in here for English-speaking Quebec, and there is work to be done by our community sectors to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to us,” […]

Quebec’s English-speaking Minority Community to get Funding from Ottawa

The minority English-speaking community in Quebec will get a portion of that budget to ensure its vitality.“We have not always received our fair share” of federal funding “and it’s starting […]

Quebec’s English-Speaking Community Leaders Blast Bill C-13 Action Plan

Announcing details of the new federal Action Plan for Official Languages, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau singles out French speakers as the only minority group in danger in Canada. “We remain […]

Action Plan on Official Languages Offers Opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking Community

Ottawa, April 26, 2023 – The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) welcomes the Government of Canada’s new Action Plan for Official Languages 2023–2028: Protection-Promotion-Collaboration, launched today by Official Languages Minister […]

Federal budget boosts minority language funding, but raises concerns

Despite a planned increase in funds directed to official language minority communities from the federal government, there is no guarantee that this will benefit Quebec’s English-speaking community, says QCGN Director […]