QCGN has New Interim President and Renewed Resolve to Battle Bill 96 and Other Legislation Detrimental to English-speaking Quebecers

Montreal – June 10, 2022 Under new Interim President Eva Ludvig, the Quebec Community Groups Network today emerged from a policy forum with renewed resolve to fight Bill 96 and to advocate strongly to ensure new federal legislation updating the Official Languages Act does not abandon Englishspeaking Quebec by discarding the fundamental principle of linguistic duality from coast to coast to coast.

“There is a realignment under way that will reshape the Official Languages Act in ways that we feel will diminish our community’s long-standing relationship with the Government of Canada and leave us vulnerable,” said Ludvig. Bill C-13 proposes to create new language rights in one official language only. “The QCGN is fighting hard to make sure our minority community of 1.1 million people is also extended
these new rights.”

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