PQ Members, Are You Listening? (FR)

“M. Lisée a toujours été soucieux de dégager des consensus, le passage obligé pour faire avancer les choses, selon lui. Avec Jacques Parizeau, déjà, il plaidait pour « dépéquiciser » la souveraineté. Il était chez Pauline Marois le plus ardent partisan de la « convergence » avec Québec solidaire et Option nationale.”

Commenting on Jean-François Lisée’s propositions to soften the Party Québécois’ policy on francization, Denis Lessard of La Presse writes that no one was surprised by the PQ leader’s plans. One of his proposals that will be debated at the PQ’s policy convention this weekend is to scrap most of Bill 14, which aimed to reinforce Quebec’s Charter of the French Language aka Bill 101.

Lisée says he wants to avoid divisive issues in order to broaden membership in the PQ. In concluding his article Lessard recalls that, as Minister responsible for relations with the English-speaking community, Lisée financed QCGN’s Notre Home project that aimed to create closer ties between English- and French- speaking youths.

Read Denis Lessard’s article in La Presse.