Publicités antiracistes : quand « québécois » ne se traduit pas

An advertising campaign to combat racism unites representatives of the English-speaking community and nationalist groups against it. The government advertisements drop the word “Quebecois” in their English version. After having invoked the “editorial choice”, Quebec changed its mind. The message we are sending is that we are not Quebecers [in our own right] protests Eva […]

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Quebec French speakers know how unfair it feels not to be served in their preferred language when they move out of Quebec, so why is the province doing the same to English speakers within its borders? Neither situation is right. Canada is a bilingual country. People – whether they prefer speaking French or English – […]

Quebec’s anglophone minority faces declining political clout

Many Quebec Anglophones are upset at something relatively novel: the support of their traditional allies, the federal and provincial Liberals, for Bill 96, which many English-speakers see as a violation of their rights. In a blistering statement, Marlene Jennings, a former Liberal MP from Montreal and now president of Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), blamed […]

Opposition Grows to Premier’s Pigeonholing of ‘Historic Anglos’

Community leaders from many regions and political leaders from all levels of government continue to endorse an open letter from English-speaking Quebecers to Premier François Legault that rejects his plan to limit government services in English to his restrictive definition of “historic anglophones” – that is those eligible to attend school in English in Quebec. […]

Air Canada CEO under fire for lack of French

Eva Ludvig of the QCGN says Air Canada has had a poor record of respecting the Official Languages Act and that it’s “not surprising the problem goes all the way to the top.” During a lengthy interview with the cross-Canada CTV News Channel, she says that Michael Rousseau’s comments and lack of sensitivity, along with […]

Des propos qui ne passent pas

Eva Ludvig of the QCGN’s Executive Committee tells Noovo during an in-depth video news report that Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau’s comments damage the reputation of Quebec’s English-speaking community and have reinforced persistent myths and long-outdated stereotypes. Lesley Chesterman says she was mortified by Rousseau’s comments. Chesterman describes Rousseau as a dinosaur. Read more

Protecting Montreal English-speakers’ rights in mayoral race

  “We could possibly have a mayor who doesn’t get that,” says Marlene Jennings, President of QCGN, on her belief that Montreal’s mayoral candidates aren’t doing enough to support English-speakers’ rights. Alyssia Rubertucci reports. Watch here

Des politiciens signent une lettre ouverte sur les droits des anglophones

Politicians, including Liberal Federal MP Emmanuella Lambropoulos and Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery, signed an open letter denouncing Bill 96. The letter, written by the Quebec Community Groups Network and addressed to Prime Minister François Legault, denounces the reform which would deprive Anglophones of services in French. Read more

Hanes: Air Canada hitting turbulence that should have been avoided

As soon as it was announced that Mike Rousseau, the new CEO of Air Canada, would be making his maiden speech to a Montreal business audience in English, he put himself on a collision course with Quebec language hawks. Even the Quebec Community Groups Network, the defenders of English-speakers’ rights, issued a caustic statement denouncing […]


For the Quebec Community Groups Network, no official apology can erase the “damage” caused by the CEO of Air Canada to the English-speaking community of Quebec. The president of the group, Marlene Jennings, believes that Mr. Rousseau’s words feed the “myth” that English-speaking Quebecers are a privileged minority indifferent to the French fact. Read more

Air Canada’s CEO apologizes after admitting he doesn’t need to speak French

There is widespread outrage across the country over comments made by Air Canada’s CEO that he doesn’t need to speak French. This, despite leading a company head-quartered in Montreal where he has lived for the past 14 years. As Raquel Fletcher reports, other leaders are now calling for Michael Rousseau’s resignation. Watch here

Air Canada CEO’s apology fails to calm criticism over language comments

A public apology from the president and CEO of Air Canada Michael Rousseau Thursday over his inability to speak French has done little to calm the language tempest he sparked this week. “His attitude simply does not reflect the values of our community,” QCGN president Marlene Jennings said, noting Rousseau’s “tone deaf” comments provide ammunition […]

Air Canada CEO apologizes, commits to learning French as backlash in Quebec grows

“Mr. Rousseau’s narrow-minded comment that he does not feel the need to learn French feeds the myth that English-speaking Quebecers are a privileged minority indifferent to French,” said Marlene Jennings, the president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), an umbrella group made up of English-speaking community organizations. Read more

QCGN to Air Canada: Apology Alone Cannot Undo Damage to English-speaking Quebec

No apology can undo the lasting damage that the CEO of Air Canada has inflicted on Quebec’s English-speaking community and the core national value of linguistic duality. “Air Canada employs many Francophones and is obliged to communicate with the public in both official languages,” says Marlene Jennings, President of the Quebec Community Groups Network. “However, […]

Le patron d’Air Canada ne s’exprime qu’en anglais, le tollé est unanime

The head of the Quebec Community Groups Network, a network that brings together English-speaking communities, also deplored Michael Rousseau’s unilingualism. “The CEO of Air Canada is a disgrace to his company, to Quebec’s English-speaking minority community, and to all Quebecers,” chirped Marlene Jennings. Read more