Minister reaches out to English-speaking Quebecers in daylong forum

“Anglophone groups got a chance to air their grievances and suggest solutions on Friday at an all-day forum at Concordia University.”

English-language groups discussed their grievances and suggested solutions last Friday during a forum at Concordia University. The Minister Responsible for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers, Kathleen Weil, says the priorities for the communities are clear – access to health-care services, employability and youth retention. When asked about easing the educational requirements around Bill 101, Weil said it was not an option.

The QCGN was one of 50 English-language groups that participated in the event. James Shea, the president of the QCGN, said the community was pleased to be heard and felt there were positive steps towards a real positioning of the English-speaking community.

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