Anglo secretariat a ‘disappointing failure’: QCGN

Geoffrey Chambers of Quebec Community Groups Network is disappointed with the Secretariat for relations with English-speaking Quebecers.

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Quebec anglophone organization says province is ‘intruding on community rights’

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), which represents dozens of English community groups across Quebec, is taking the government to task for infringing on anglophones’ minority rights, but that is not sitting well with one Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) MNA who is now firing back.

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School transfers and the state of anglo relations in Quebec

By Geoffrey Chambers, president of the Quebec Community Groups network

The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) received a formal 30-day notice from Education Minister Jean-François Roberge that he intends to invoke emergency powers to transfer three school buildings to the Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’île.

In three weeks, these schools risk being lost to the English-speaking community even though the Education Act calls for an 18-month consultation prior to the closure of a school. There has been no consultation with local parents or the wider English-speaking community.

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English-speaking community groups rally to fight CAQ plan to close school boards

QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers cites Supreme Court ruling to define English-speaking community coalition’s determination to fight CAQ plan to eliminate province’s school boards. “The court,” said Chambers, “… ruled that minority language communities have the right to control and manage the educational facilities in which their children are taught both to ensure and enable that their language and culture can flourish.”

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Minority Language Education Rights: A Wave of Judicial Battles in the Offing

While a major legal challenge for Francophones in British Columbia makes it way to the Supreme Court, language conflicts are emerging in other parts of the country. In Quebec and Prince Edward Island, organizations are asserting their Constitutional rights to preserve their linguistic school boards. The Francophone school board in PEI is getting financial support from the federal Court Challenges Program.

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A new coalition is trying to save school boards from extinction

A new coalition is counting on grass roots support to help fight the CAQ government’s plan to abolish school boards. The coalition, the Alliance for the Promotion of Public English-language Education in Quebec (APPELE-Quebec) is chaired by former Liberal MNA Geoff Kelley and one of the co-chairs is former senator and journalist Joan Fraser.

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Geoff Kelley leads group defending school boards

A coalition of Anglo groups is uniting to defend school boards from the CAQ. Former MNA Geoff Kelley leads the group and has more.

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Newly-formed coalition says CAQ’s plan to abolish school boards is unconstitutional

A new coalition of English rights groups, politicians and schools are vowing to fight the CAQ’s plan to get rid of school boards. The coalition, APPELE – Alliance for the Promotion of Public English-Language Education – says that minority rights are protected under the Constitution, and hopes it can change the government’s mind before it gets to be a legal battle.

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APPELE launched in defense of school boards

Community leaders and organizations representing English-speaking Quebecers have joined together to form a provincial alliance to support democratically elected school boards and convince the government to maintain them. The new group, APPELE-Québec – the Alliance for the Promotion of Public English-language Education in Québec, was launched officially Thursday at a press conference in Montreal. The Quebec-wide community coalition will work to promote the continued existence of English school boards and ensure they are governed by commissioners who are democratically elected by the English-speaking community at large. APPELE already has 16 supporting organizations and nine observer groups.

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Quebec’s education minister accuses anglo group of using scare tactics

Quebec’s education minister said those who oppose his government’s plan to abolish school boards are engaging in scare tactics when they say the move will hurt minority communities.

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Anglos Will Fight to Keep its School Boards

Former MNA Geoffrey Kelley is interviewed on CJAD’s The Aaron Rand Show on the fight to preserve and defend English school boards. Kelley is Chair of the newly formed APPELE-Québec – the Alliance for the Promotion of Public English-Language Education – a broad coalition of English-speaking community leaders and groups working to preserve democratically elected school boards.

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The Split Between Montreal and Quebec

From Bill 21 to school boards, environmental concerns and immigration, MAtv’s City Life investigates the burgeoning rift between Montreal and the Coalition Avenir Québec’s policies and electoral platform.

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Group lobbies on behalf of English school boards

Brian Rock hopes to save English school boards from the clutches of the CAQ government, and he’s not alone. In January, Rock formed Citizens of the Outaouais for the Future of English Education in Western Quebec, or COFFEE-WQ.

A Montreal-based group has also arisen to combat the possible abolishment of school boards. The Alliance for the promotion of Public English Language Education In Quebec – APPELE-Quebec – will be among the network regional groups that COFFEE-WQ will work with and under.

People can get involved by emailing or calling Rock at 819-968-4300.

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Anglo Right’s Groups met Friday with Premier François Legault, What Happened at the Meeting?

Tiffany Callender, Executive Director of Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Centre and member of QCGN`s Priority Setting Steering Committee is interviewed by CJAD’s Natasha Hall to discuss how the first meeting with Premier François Legault went and the importance of consultation with English-speaking Quebec and visible minority communities.

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