Anglo lobby president accuses CAQ of ‘engineering’ defections

The Coalition Avenir Québec and the Secretariat for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers are contributing to internal strife with member organizations, said QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers. Read more

Legault denies wanting to destabilize anglo group

In the mist of an important internal crisis, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) accused the CAQ government Monday of leading a “clandestine” campaign in an attempt to “destabilize” it. Read more (In French only)

A network of anglo organizations accuses Quebec of working to divide it

Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), president alleges that the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, Christopher Skeete, encourages the network’s member organizations to leave or disavow their positions if they want to keep their part of public funding. Read more (In French only)

Quebec anglophone group accuses government of working to undermine it

Geoffrey Chambers, President of The Quebec Community Groups Network, the umbrella organization representing English-speaking community groups in Quebec, accused the provincial government of trying to undermine the organization. Quebec Premier François Legault dismissed the allegations, as being “completely false.” Read more

Anglo-rights group accuses Quebec government of trying to destabilize English-speaking community

Geoffrey Chambers, President of the Quebec Community Groups Network accuses the provincial government of trying to divide English speakers and destabilize the network supporting them, writes Rachel Lau from CTV Montreal. Read more

Legault denies the CAQ is trying to undermine anglo group QCGN

Premier François Legault rejects allegations his government is attempting to destabilize the leadership of the Quebec Community Groups Network, writes Philip Authier of The Montreal Gazette. Read more

Study points to ‘problematic’ lack of English in Quebec health care

QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers responds to study published by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, showing “problematic” access to health and social services for vulnerable English-speakers and newcomers. Chambers says the seriousness of the matter should not be dismissed. Read more

Anglo group accuses Quebec of working to “destabilize” it

Already troubled relations between the Legault government and Quebec’s English-speaking community turn much rockier, reports Martin Croteau of La Presse, as the Quebec Community Groups Network accuses the province of a clandestine destabilization campaign. Read more (In French only)

Once Touted as ‘Historic,’ Secretariat Accused of Undermining Anglo Groups

The Coalition Avenir Québec government is using the provincial secretariat for anglophone affairs to surreptitiously destabilize anglophone groups and “undermine the legitimate leadership of the community,” the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) says. Reporter Andy Riga of The Montreal Gazette examines the history of the secretariat. Read more

Anglo community network defends itself after defections, blasts CAQ government

The Quebec Community Groups Network reached out directly to its rank and file on Monday to defend its track record advocating for anglophone interests after nine of its more than 50 member groups left the organization last week. Read more

English-language network loses nine members in the regions

The umbrella group that works to protect English minority rights in Quebec has lost some of its members. The Quebec Community Groups Network announced that nine member organizations have withdrawn from the network. Read more

Quebec Anglo rights group defends track record amid dissent

The Quebec Community Groups Network, an umbrella group representing English-language community groups across the province, is standing by its track record as an advocacy group amid a wave of departures from unhappy member organizations. Read more

Allison Hanes: QCGN schism means unsettling times for anglophone Quebecers

The defection of nine member organizations from the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) speaks to the complicated job of representing anglophone interests in unsettling times, columnist Allison Hanes writes in The Montreal Gazette. Rising tensions break into open warfare, as the QCGN accuses the government of Premier François Legault of trying to sabotage its coalition […]

We Stand By Our Track Record

The Executive Committee of the Quebec Community Groups Network has written to its members to discuss the resignation of some member organizations. In response to criticism of former members, the committee writes that the QCGN has “taken forceful and principled positions in defense of English-speaking community rights and in cases such as the securing of […]

Internal strife roils Quebec anglophone rights organization

Nine English-speaking community groups from across Quebec have resigned from the Quebec Community Groups Network last week, amid concerns over the organization’s approach and calls for its President to step down. Read more