Quebecers protest Ford government’s cuts to French language services

Quebecers are among the thousands protesting in Ottawa against the Ontario government’s decision to cut French-language services. The crowd includes members of Quebec’s Liberal party and leaders of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), a non-profit representing 56 English-language community organizations across Quebec. “We want to send a solidarity message and to tell the government of Ontario […]

QCGN honours community builders

Hundreds of thousands of bilingual students across Canada have three stay-at-home mothers from Montreal’s South Shore to thank for their education. Murielle Parkes, Olga Melikoff and their late colleague Valerie Neale developed the first public school French Immersion program in Canada, in a kindergarten class in Saint-Lambert near Montreal in 1965. More than 50 years […]

Focus Montreal: Minority language rights

Geoffrey Chambers of the Quebec Community Groups Network joins Global News’ Andrea Howick to discuss how the cutting of French services in Ontario is touching all linguistic minorities. View video

At the Hockey Jersey Summit, different colours, same team

Quebec hasn’t just abandoned the French-speaking minorities in the other provinces. It’s also betrayed them. In a familiar ritual as Canadian as drunken curlers, the premiers of Quebec and Ontario exchanged jerseys for the cameras before their first meeting in Toronto this week. From Quebec, the business-as-usual mood of the visuals looked surreal, considering that […]

Cuts to Ontario francophones touch all linguistic minorities: Quebec group

MONTREAL — An organization representing Quebec anglophones says linguistic minorities across the country stand to lose from Ontario’s recent moves to cut funding to institutions serving francophones. The head of the Quebec Community Groups Network, which represents more than 50 anglophone groups across the province, said the Ontario moves are “a step backwards” after years […]

Many Anglos side with Franco-Ontarians (FR)

TORONTO – Alors que la communauté franco-ontarienne organise sa riposte aux coupures de Doug Ford, des anglophones font savoir qu’ils partagent leur colère. Et ils comptent se joindre aux actions qui seront entreprises au cours des prochaines semaines avec la ferme intention de faire reculer le gouvernement ontarien. Jeudi 15 novembre, aux alentours de 13h30, […]

Ontario’s decisions about Francophones : Caroline Mulroney breaks her silence (FR)

OTTAWA | La ministre déléguée aux Affaires francophones de l’Ontario, Caroline Mulroney, est finalement sortie de son mutisme vendredi, 24 heures après que son gouvernement eut annoncé la fin du projet d’université de langue française à Toronto et d’abolition du Commissariat aux services en français. En entrevue à la caméra de Radio-Canada à Terre-Neuve où elle […]

Quebec’s minority-language groups ‘outraged’ over Ontario’s plan to scrap French university

There is concern in Quebec for minority language rights after the Ontario government cancelled plans to build the province’s first francophone university. The announcement was buried at the bottom of an economic update Doug Ford’s Ontario budget Thursday — the office of the French-language commissioner was abolished. So, too, was the plan to build the […]

Legault’s support of Franco-Ontarians is essential, and encouraging

Under normal circumstances, Quebec Premier François Legault might have found a lot in common with Doug Ford, his Ontario counterpart, during their first tête-à-tête in Toronto Monday. Both are businessmen-turned-politicians who have arrived in power by unseating long-entrenched Liberal governments. Both are fiscal conservatives with populist tendencies. Both have concerns about immigration. Both are at […]

The revision of history books upsets historians (FR)

Remplacement de « plusieurs images considérées comme stéréotypées », retrait d’un passage du Journal de Jacques Cartier, ajout « des conséquences négatives de l’invasion du territoire par les Français »… : les dizaines de modifications apportées au matériel didactique requis pour l’enseignement du cours d’Histoire du Québec et du Canada font sourciller les historiens Gilles Laporte et Denys Delâge — qui qualifient […]

Wave of solidarity with Franco-Ontarians

It was not just the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne (FCFA) of Canada who spoke up at the end of the day onThursday, flying to the rescue of Franco-Ontarians, after the announcement of the abolition of the Office of the Commissioner French-language services and the abandonment of the University of Ontario French project. In […]

QCGN Denounces Cuts to French Language Services in Ontario

QCGN Denounces Cuts to French Language Services in Ontario Montreal – November 15, 2018 – The Quebec Community Groups Network condemns the decision by Ontario’s Conservative government to abolish the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner and cancel plans to create a new French-language university. “The QCGN has looked to Ontario as a model […]

QCGN Celebrates English-speaking Quebecers at its Tenth Annual Community Awards

QCGN Fêtes 10th Anniversary of Community Awards  By Bea Vongdouangchanh The Quebec Community Groups Network celebrated the 10th anniversary of its community award program on Nov. 1, recognizing three community leaders and a young Quebecer who’ve made contributions to the English-speaking community in the province. Olga Melikoff, Murielle Parkes and John Rae received the Sheila […]

Is sovereignty dead?

With both the PQ and Bloc Québécois on the ropes, some are declaring that sovereignty is dead. We ask Montrealers from across the political spectrum to weigh in on the issue. Watch video

QCGN to pay tribute to four remarkable community leaders Nov. 1

Four inspirational leaders of the English-speaking community are being celebrated by the Quebec Community Groups Network, with this year’s 10th anniversary of its Community Awards. Murielle Parkes and Olga Melikoff, known to many as the mothers of French immersion, and businessman John Rae are being honoured with QCGN’s 10th annual Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Community […]