Kathleen Weil will keep saying «bonjour-hi»

“La motion invitant tous les commerçants à accueillir leurs clients avec un « bonjour » bien senti, qui a été adoptée il y a une semaine par tous les élus de l’Assemblée nationale, n’y changera rien. À « bonjour-hi », la ministre Kathleen Weil continuera de répondre « bonjour-hi », y voyant « un signe de respect » à l’égard de son interlocuteur.”

The new Minister for relations with English-speaking Quebecers answered questions from media to clarify the motion that was passed a week ago in the National Assembly.  The motion suggesting merchants use Bonjour and not Bonjour-Hi as a greeting is “positive in spirit,” even if the English-speaking community does not see it that way. Since then, many English-speaking Quebecers have taken to social media and started calling the riding offices of Weil, Geoffrey Kelley, and David Birnbaum.

QCGN President James Shea, said he has written letters to Premier Philippe Couillard and Opposition leader Jean-François Lisée to address the situation. He is expressing the surprise of QCGN members had upon hearing about the motion. For Shea, English-speaking Quebecers want to be just as involved than their French-speaking colleagues in Quebec society.

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