Job Posting: Project Coordinator, Community Innovation Fund

Start Date: As soon as possible

The QCGN is seeking a bilingual, dynamic, results-oriented individual with proven experience in project management, a background in community development to manage the Community Innovation Fund Project. This is a social financing initiative funded by Economic Social Development Canada (ESDC) that injects up to $1.1 million in leveraged funds on a 2:1 ratio of private-to-government funding over a 4-year period (2019-2023) into the English-speaking Community of Quebec (ESCQ). The QCGN, acting as an intermediary between the ESCQ and the ESDC has overarching responsibility for the stewardship of the Community Innovation Fund (CIF). The Project Coordinator will administer the project. Candidates must develop an understanding of the vision, mission, and mandate of QCGN and the ESDC, as the Project Coordinator’s activities and communications must be aligned with the QCGN’s and ESDC’s position on issues and policies.

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