If Chagnon steps down, Westmount-Saint-Louis voters want an Anglo to step up

People in the riding of Westmount-Saint-Louis are making plans should their MNA bow out of the next election: they want an Anglophone to run for the Liberals.

Current MNA Jacques Chagnon has hinted that he might not run again this fall.

If that’s the case, voters and Anglo rights groups say they want to see more representation in the National Assembly, where of 125 members, only three are Anglos.

“We do have to have somebody who is connected with the community,” said Geoffrey Chambers, vice-president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, which supports English groups in the community. “There are a variety of points of view in any party in any caucus and sometimes the people in the room don’t have as much information about the English community that they should have had.”

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