Honouring our bridge-builder per excellence, Dr. Victor Goldbloom

During our Community Awards ceremony on October 27, a special tribute was extended to Dr. Victor Goldbloom in light of his recent passing last spring.

It marked a sad milestone as we commemorated one half of a dynamic duo for which our distinguished community service award is named. Adding a bittersweet tone to our annual event, his tribute only acknowledged Dr. Goldbloom as a trailblazer — a community bridge-builder, pillar of wisdom, faith, certitude, calm and, above all, enormous accomplishment.

To honour his memory, Sheila Goldbloom adressed a few words and thanked the QCGN for its important role to the community.

You can read the tribute written for his legacy: Dr. Victor C. Goldbloom 1923-2016

You can also watch the video made by Paola Samuel from Global Montreal that was presented during the ceremony.