Goldbloom Awards: Advocate speaks out for fair treatment of Roma

“Stereotyped, misunderstood, and facing discrimination, there are few ethno-cultural groups more in need of advocacy than the world’s Roma.”

Montreal-born daughter of Serbian Roma, Dafina Savic launched Romanipé, which translates as Roma identity, a non-for-profit group where she began researching, organizing, and speaking out for fair treatment of Roma. Recently, she was awarded our Young Quebecers Leading the way Award, presented in partnership with CBC Montreal and the Fondation Notre Home Foundation.

In nominating her, Ronald Lee, founder of a Roma community centre in Toronto, credited Savic for her work to combat misconceptions and prejudices, issues that are rampant in Europe, but which only have been present in Canada since 2012 when refugee board officials began to treat Roma migrants as bogus claimants.

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