Assessing the English-speaking Community’s Capacity to Access Arts, Culture, and Heritage in Nine Regions of Quebec

Generated by the QCGN this report was intended as a stepping-stone towards actions that foster identity-building and a sense of belonging within Canada’s official language minority communities, and promoting the contribution of arts, culture and heritage to the sustainable development of official language minority communities.

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Canadian Diversity Magazine: The Deep Diversity of English-speaking Quebecers

The Association for Canadian Studies produces its spring 2010 issue of Canadian Diversity in cooperation with the QCGN. The magazine invited several of the province’s minority language community leaders as well as a number of Quebec’s leading thinkers on issues of diversity within the English-speaking community to share ideas, insights and research on the subject.

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Building upon Change and Diversity within the English-speaking Communities of the Greater Montreal Region: Pursuing Shared Development

POLICY DIALOGUE: Reviewing Key Policies in View of the Development, Challenges & Priorities of English-speaking Quebec and Identifying Preliminary Policy Gaps Requiring Community and Government Exploration, Attention and Collaboration

Creating Spaces for Young Quebecers: Strategic Orientations for English-speaking Youth in Quebec

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Developing an Arts, Culture and Heritage Policy Framework for English-speaking Quebec

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Building Leadership in Rural Quebec Project Toolkit: A resource for groups, organizations, and communities implementing projects in isolated minority language communities

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A Policy Framework for Economic Development and Employability for the English-speaking communities of Quebec

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