Bloc Québécois wants to replace Bonjour-Hi with Bonjour-Ho

The sovereignist federal party wants to stamp out the “Bonjour-Hi” greeting in Montreal businesses.

The Bloc Québécois has launched a holiday ad campaign urging Montrealers not to say Bonjour-Hi.

Posters for the sovereignist federal party show a blue Santa with the caption “Bonjour-Ho!”

The idea is to stamp out the bilingual greeting in businesses, which has raised the ire of Quebec politicians and commentators who say customers should be greeted in French only.

Joanie Riopel, a spokesperson for the Bloc Québécois, said posters will be put up near downtown shopping centres during the one-week campaign, which starts Monday.

“The message we want to send is to be able to shop in French in Montreal in the current situation, where French is in decline,” she said.

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