Bilingualism myths reinforced

By Dan Lamoureux, President, Quebec Community Groups Network, Montreal

It is with great dismay that we read the comments by lawyer Roger Lepage in this article regarding the Supreme Court decision on the Caron case. Lepage is quoted as saying that Canada protects the anglophone minority in Quebec, but not the francophone minority outside Quebec. The facts simply don’t back this up.

The Caron decision addressed Alberta’s obligation to enact, print and publish its laws and regulations in both French and English. The same question was asked in 1988 of Saskatchewan. Both cases dealt with provincial, not federal obligations.

Just a few weeks ago, the QCGN, along with the Montreal Bar, the Language Rights Support Program and the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages co-organized a conference where we discussed the importance of bilingualism for the evolution of Canadian laws and access to justice for both English and French-speaking official language minority communities… Read more