Barrette surprised by poor Anglophone health

Quebec’s Health Minister, Gaetan Barrette, says that he is surprised to hear that there are significant gaps between the health of English and French speaking populations in the Estrie region.

Asked about the implications of a recent report by Santé Public Estrie, the Health Minister said he had not seen the report at all. This report, which looks at the overall health and well being of the local English minority population, highlights a poorer state of health among English speakers.

“The rural people are not being reached”, says Carol Mooney, President of the Massawippi Valley Health Center in Ayer’s Cliff. Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director of CHSSN welcomed the report as institutional proof for claims that community groups have been making for years. QCGN VP Geoffrey Chambers echoed Johnson’s positive attitude saying it gave an honest picture of a difficult situation.

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