Quebec community groups fear Bill 14 will ghettoize English CEGEPs

Elysia Bryan Baynes, Global News

Critics say Bill 14 will restricts access to English CEGEPs for francophones. Karol Dahl / Global News

MONTREAL – The government’s plans to restrict access to English CEGEPs is raising concerns.

“I think it’s bad. They should just let people make their choice. Would they not allow anglophones to go to French schools?” says 2nd year Vanier student, Frank Prak. He’s a francophone and under the new law would have to wait to see if there were any spaces left after anglophones are admitted.

The Minister responsible for anglophones Jean-Francois Lisée says giving anglos priority to English CEGEPs is a way of protecting them.

“English speaking institutions should be first and foremost for English Quebecers,” Lisée told reporters Monday morning.

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) has concerns about Bill 14 in CEGEPs.

 ”If this law passes it would reduce the bilingualism of students and the academic levels of our CEGEPs.”

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