Montreal English has a true je ne sais quoi

Peggy Curran, The Gazette

C’est vrai, on parle English differently here.

Entangled with the language of Molière and Mordecai, of Michel Tremblay and the McGarrigles, avec passion and verve, ours is a singular mélange of ancient French and modern geek, of contemporary Québécois and the pervasive English of globalization.

Add a soupçon of Italian, of Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese and español, and what you hear is a jambalaya of English words and Frenchified phrases, bureaucratic jargon and inventive wordplay born in the schoolyard, the office cafeteria and the bedroom.

Yet experts insist that doesn’t mean either English or French are in danger of morphing into one another or losing their mojo, raison d’être or enchantments.

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