The fate of English-speaking Quebecers (FR)

“On dirait que les Anglo-Québécois se sont embellis. Les politiciens cherchent à les courtiser. Il y a deux semaines, le premier ministre Philippe Couillard a annoncé que son gouvernement établirait un secrétariat chargé de gérer les relations avec la minorité anglophone.”

In this opinion piece, Christopher Neal illustrates how the many mistakes the government has made opened the door for opposition parties to woo English-speakers. However, not much is done to limit the always decreasing number of students enrolled in English schools, a decline that takes root in the massive exodus of the 1970s. Since then, most English-speakers learned French.

He ends by saying that Bill 101 should be partly removed to allow French-speakers into English schools. Neal also mentions in passing the QCGN and their approval of Couillard’s decision to open a secretariat for English-speaking affairs.

Read the opinion piece in Le Devoir