Dubé ready to drop Bill 15 amendment if it endangers English services

Health Minister Christian Dubé backtracks Friday: “I will withdraw (a surprise fresh amendment proposed for Bill 15) if I am not able to realize, or put in place, the commitment that we’ve have made that there will be no change in services for anglos or the status of their hospitals. I just want to be clear on that.” He adds: “I did not understand this one.” In a strongly worded statement earlier, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), characterizes the proposed amendment as a “malevolent action.” President Eva Ludvig describes it as “part of a very nasty pattern with the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Québec): the only way they feel they can protect and promote French in Quebec is to restrict and constrain the rights and access to services of the English community here — even though those minority language rights are guaranteed by law.”

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