Don Macpherson: What’s wrong with Quebec’s proposed new electoral map

“You can’t please everybody, as we are reminded every time Quebec’s electoral representation commission proposes to re-draw the boundaries of the 125 provincial ridings to reflect changes in the distribution of the population.”

In this opinion piece, Macpherson summarizes the debate surrounding Quebec’s new proposed electoral map saying Manon Massé is the loudest voice in the room since she will be the one losing a riding. However, the QCGN has also voiced their opinion to not lose Westmount.

He continues by saying Coderre’s claims that Montreal needs more seats in the Assembly is bogus, since it is over-represented, and lack representation mostly because of safe seats for most parties. With upcoming results, the final version of the map is bound to displease somebody, Macpherson ends.

Read the full article in the Montreal Gazette