COVID-19 Survey on the Perceptions of English-speaking Quebecers

The Quebec Community Groups Network and the Association for Canadian Studies commissioned Léger Marketing to conduct a Web survey on COVID-19 and the perceptions of English-speaking Quebecers.

Results indicate that English-speaking Quebecers are more afraid of getting the virus than their francophone counterparts and more likely to be afraid of an immediate family member getting the virus.

English-speaking Quebecers have the highest rate of fear in Canada of contracting COVID-19 while English-speaking Montrealers are most afraid of contracting the coronavirus. That may be due to the fact that English-speaking Quebecers were far more likely than their francophone neighbours to know someone who has COVID-19, the survey showed.

On that backdrop, Anglophones are more likely to want to slow down the pace of return to normal activities than Francophones.

The survey also shows that Quebecers are satisfied with the work of community organizations in the fight against COVID-19.

Meanwhile English-speaking Quebecers are somewhat more likely to volunteer or donate to charity in these difficult times. Most are giving to health and local community services.

The web poll was conducted from May 1 to May 6, 2020. Some 1,638 Quebecers 18 years of age or older, randomly recruited from LEO’s online panel. The survey included some 694 English-speaking respondents. The Association for Canadian Studies is the main mover and shaker behind the COVID-19 survey.

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