Feds to spend $1.4 M to help English-speaking youth, seniors and immigrants

“The federal government announced that it will provide $1 for every $2 contributed by the private sector for projects that help English-speaking youth, seniors and immigrants who live and work in Québec.”

“This is a real opportunity to take responsibility for identifying our community’s needs, building new partnerships, allocating resources, evaluating success and learning with our combined experience, “ said James Shea – the Vice-President of the Québec Community Groups network. “If we’re successful – and i know we will be – we will be creating new opportunities for the community sector (with) sustainable, predictable and self-governed resources.”

The funding comes from a $4 million national Community Innovation Fund that’s being financed by Employment and Social Development Canada in order to help official minority language communities across the nation. Up to $1.4 Million from that fund going to programs to help Anglophones and other minority groups in Québec.

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