QCGN Statement on Appointment of New Parliamentary Secretaries

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) congratulates Members of Parliament who have been appointed or re-appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries in the Trudeau government. Parliamentary secretaries serve as key representatives of the government, assisting their Ministers in the House and committees.

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Bill 40 Violates Education Rights of Quebec’s English-speaking Minority Community, Superior Court Justice Rules

The Quebec Community Groups Network applauds a landmark Quebec Superior Court decision that strongly affirms the Constitutional minority language educational rights of Canadians.

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QCGN Welcomes Randy Boissonnault as the new Federal Minister of Official Languages

Montreal – July 26, 2023 – The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) looks forward to working with Randy Boissonnault, the newly appointed Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages. We also welcome the appointment of Anita Anand as the new President of the Treasury Board. Both have key leadership roles in the implementation of recent changes to the Official Languages Act (OLA), and the federal Action Plan for Official Languages 2023–2028: ProtectionPromotion-Collaboration. The QCGN will continue to ensure that the interests of English-speaking Quebec are understood and protected by the Government of Canada during these processes.

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QCGN Wraps up Annual Meeting Resolved to be a Strong Voice for English-speaking Quebecers

Montreal – June 11, 2023 – Reflecting on our place in Quebec and Canada, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) concluded its 28th annual meeting Saturday resolved to continue to serve as a strong and unifying voice for English-speaking Quebecers.

We met under the theme #OuiOurQuebec – Our Community, Our Province, Our Quebec! More than 150 members and stakeholders expressed their commitment to this province; the future of the French language; and the vitality of our Community of Communities.

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Powered with $1.1 Million of Funding, 10 Innovative CIF 2.0 Projects Benefit 1,500 Youth and Seniors Across English-speaking Quebec

The lives and prospects of some 1,500 vulnerable young people and seniors across English-speaking Quebec have been tangibly and substantially improved with completion of a second round of projects through the Community Innovation Fund (CIF). Managed through community partnerships, these CIF 2.0 projects have put $1.1 million of funding to work over the past three years to advance an innovative array of promising social initiatives.

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QCGN implores Senate Committee to Withdraw Mentions of Quebec’s Charter of the French Language from Official Languages Act Overhaul

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) has warned a Senate committee that Bill C-13 could have serious negative effects on Quebec’s English-speaking community and on Official Language Minority Communities across the country.

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Senate Probe of Language Law’s Constitutional Effects Essential – QCGN

Today, the House of Commons adopted C-13 at third reading, having adopted amendments to the legislation last week that are deeply troubling to the English-speaking community of Quebec. The bill now proceeds to the Senate, where our community hopes the Upper Chamber will closely study the inclusion of Quebec’s Charter of the French Language within the purpose clause of the Official Languages Act.

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Canadian Parents for French Welcomes the Action Plan for Official Languages 2023-2028

Ottawa, April 27, 2023 — Canadian Parents for French welcomes the Government of Canada’s new Action Plan for Official Languages 2023–2028: Protection-Promotion-Collaboration, launched on April 26 by the Minister of Official Languages, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, accompanied by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“We are particularly pleased with this Action Plan’s emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and equity,” says Canadian Parents for French (CPF). “There is a real opportunity within this plan for organizations supporting FSL (French Second Language) learning, such as CPF, to lay the groundwork to further and normalize official language bilingualism in Canada,” states Derrek Bentley, CPF national president.

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Action Plan on Official Languages Offers Opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking Community

Ottawa, April 26, 2023 – The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) welcomes the Government
of Canada’s new Action Plan for Official Languages 2023–2028: Protection-Promotion-Collaboration, launched today by Official Languages Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor, accompanied by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Prime Minister made special mention of the federal government’s continuing leadership role in protecting Quebec’s English-speaking communities: “We firmly believe that it is both possible and necessary to do more to protect the French language in Canada, including in Quebec; that the Government of Canada must continue to play a leadership role in protecting official language minority communities across Canada, including Quebec’s English-speaking communities; and that a coherent, coordinated, whole-of-government approach can foster collaboration, particularly with the provincial and territorial governments, to ensure broad support for the vitality of our two official languages.”

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Federal Budget Includes New Money for Official-Language Minorities

The Quebec Community Groups Network is cautiously optimistic about the federal government’s new Action Plan on official languages as outlined in new spending in today’s 2023 federal budget. The budget includes an additional $1 billion in official-language community investments over the next five years.

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