Les Québécois anglophones à la recherche d’une voix à l’Assemblée nationale

There is less than one month before the 2022 Quebec election and many of the province’s anglophone voters are still weighing their options. “When [Premier François] Legault was elected, he said that it was the government for all Quebecers and it seems that is not the reality,” says QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig: “Religious minorities, English-speaking minorities and immigrants are almost excluded and there is no plan to meet them and that’s a shame.”

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QCGN “Meet the Leaders” Town Hall: Colin Standish, Canadian Party of Quebec

The Quebec Community Groups Network hosts a series of virtual town halls with provincial party leaders ahead of the 2022 provincial election. The purpose of this series is to discuss electoral issues of importance to English-speaking Quebecers and our community’s place in Quebec.

On Wednesday, August 31, we heard from Colin Standish, leader of the Canadian Party of Quebec. Former radio host Royal Orr fills the role of moderator.

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QCGN interim president reflects on action-packed mandate

QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig sits down with the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph to discuss what has thus far been a packed mandate, as well as her vision for the future of the organization, and the upcoming provincial election.

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Anglophones question Québec Liberal leader on issues

“The Liberal party is stronger because we represent everybody,” says Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade during a virtual town hall hosted by the Quebec Community Groups Network.

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QCGN looking to inform voters, party leaders in lead up to election

With Quebecers poised to go to the polls Oct. 3 to elect the next provincial government, the leadership of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) takes steps to ensure that English-speaking voters know where the different parties stand on issues of concern.

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Liberals would be more inclusive, Anglade tells anglo town hall

The Quebec Liberal Party would take a more inclusive approach to governing than has been done by the Coalition Avenir Québec, said party leader Dominique Anglade during the virtual town hall hosted by the QCGN yesterday evening. She added that while the CAQ government went too far with several controversial aspects included in Bills 96 and 21, a Liberal government would not completely repeal these laws.

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OPEN LETTER: Upcoming election crucial for English-speaking community

The QCGN submits an open letter titled “Upcoming election crucial for English-speaking community.”

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Have a question for Dominique Anglade? Here’s your chance

The QCGN kicks off its series of virtual town halls with Quebec’s provincial leaders this evening at 7 p.m., starting with Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade.

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Quebec community groups say election will be “pivotal” for Anglophones

QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig speaks with CBC’s Sudha Krishnan about the recent report by Statistics Canada, showing some growth within Quebec’s English-speaking community, as well as the upcoming provincial election.

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QCGN Election Platform

QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig joins Global News’ Andrea Howick to discuss the organization’s platform for the Quebec election, and the questions it is posing to the provincial party leaders.

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