Is the CAQ Offering an Olive Branch to Anglos?

In an interview with CTV Montreal’s Annie DeMelt about the Coalition Avenir Québec’s relationshipwith the English-speaking community, QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers said our community has certain defined rights which it is going to insist on having respected.

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MNA Christopher Skeete Responds to English-speaking Quebecers judging CAQ

In an interview with Radio Canada’s Première heure QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers discussed the community’s growing concerns over recentdecisions made by the Quebec government to transfer English schools to the French system.

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Quebec’s Anglophones are Under ‘Attack’ by Their Government

QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers fears the eroding rights of Quebec’s English-speaking community are under attack by the Coalition Avenir Québec government.

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Legault Rhetoric of ‘Us and Them’ Leads to Decline in Support of Quebec Anglophones

In an interview with The Canadian Press, QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers said recent actions by the Coalition Avenir Québec government arecreating a sense of anxiety and insecurity among English-speaking Quebecers.

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English-speaking Quebecers Are Worried

Despite the Legault government’s reassuring message, many English-speaking communities in Quebec are concerned about alienation, writes Journalde Montréal columnist Antoine Robitaille. He notes that Geoffrey Chambers, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, recently spoke about the detrimental effects of Bill 101 via Twitter.

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Francophones Outside Quebec: An Absurd Common Front

The situation of Francophones outside Quebec and English-speaking Quebecers cannot be compared argues Robert Dutrisac in an opinion piece forLe Devoir. Dutrisac was commenting on a memorandum of understanding between the Quebec Community Groups Network, l’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) and the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB).

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François Legault worries the English-speaking community

Many prominent members of the English-speaking community criticize difficult relations with the Legault government, saying it’s “disconnected”. At the heart of the problem lies a lack of empathy towards minorities. “It’s very very concerning”, says QCGN president, Geoffrey Chambers.

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Reply by QCGN President to Mathieu Bock-Côté

Reply by QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers to Mathieu Bock-Côté’s column La trahison  published in Le Journal de Montréal on July 6, 2019.

Mathieu Bock-Côté’s column on the recent entente between the Francophones of Ontario and New Brunswick and the English-speaking community of Quebec perfectly illustrates why many members of our community do not always feel welcome in their home province. The contempt with which he refers to our contribution to the social, economic, political and cultural success that is Quebec in the 21st century borders on race hatred.

As is frequently observed, many English-speaking Quebecers have the tools and resources to move elsewhere and prosper. Most of us have stayed here or come here not because we had to, but because Quebec is our home. We are committed Quebecers not some toxic foreign influence to be mocked and scorned. Bock-Côté’s insulting and demeaning treatment of our efforts to support and defend the French fact in the rest of Canada in effect means that he rejects the notion that we are native Quebecers and seeks to poison constructive dialogue between language groups.

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Judge rejects demand to halt transfer of two Montreal English schools to French system

A Superior Court Judge rejected a request by the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) for an injunction to prevent the transfer of two east-end schools the overcrowded French system. EMSB argued the government’s decision to take away the schools violated minority language rights guaranteed in the Constitution. In an interview with Canadian Press, QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers said he “hoped and expected” the EMSB will pursue the case. “This is not the last batch of kids that are going to face this,” he said. “And if we don’t establish what the limit of the government rights of intervention are, these problems are just going to continue.”

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Minority Language Rights: Anglos & Francos Cooperating

In a live interview with Breakfast Television, QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers discussed a Superior Court ruling which refused an injunction to prevent the forced transfer of two English schools In St-Léonard to the overcrowded French system as well as a cooperation agreement between QCGN and official language minority groups representing Franco-Ontarians and Acadians in New Brunswick.

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