Building a More Vital Community Together  

March 16th, 2021 (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm) 


  • A message from your DG, Sylvia Martin-Laforge 
  • Today’s arrangement 
  • Tour de table 
Workshop on Organizational Dynamics 

  • Presentation of concepts 
  • Self-evaluation and reflections 
Structured Networking Session 
What could be next? 

  • Permanent roundtables focused on: 
  • Building community cohesiveness 
  • Capacity-building for organizations (via trainings, workshops, useful tools, management solutions, etc.) 
  • Address biggest challenges identified in the consultation process and monitor progress 
  • Sectorial tables to drive the creation of position papers and oversee implementation  
Closing remarks 

You can sign up for a free webinar series to learn about your language rights in Quebec

If you’re a new or long-time Quebec resident and have ever wondered what exactly is the deal with your language rights in this province, a free webinar series hosted by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) might just be the thing for you.

Starting on Thursday, March 11, the first webinar in the series, “Language Rights and the English-speaking Community of Quebec,” will feature guest speaker Marion Sandilands, a lawyer who, according to the event description, participated in a “landmark” case involving minority language education rights.

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Language, cultural barriers could fuel vaccine hesitancy, Quebec community organizers warn

Quebecers have rarely gone a week without hearing from their premier at least twice during this pandemic. What’s allowed, what isn’t, the exceptions to the rules — instructions from the province have changed at a dizzying pace, even for experts and journalists whose job it is to keep up.

But many of those who do not understand François Legault’s predominantly French-language news conferences, or other material put out by the province, turn to community groups to get the latest information in their own language.

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Speed-dating for Montreal jobs

(VIDEO) “For me the reality right now is a whole lot different. I’ve lowered my standards,” says an English-speaking Black Montrealer about her job search during the pandemic. Sacha Obas has more.

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Event Invitation: Language Rights and the English-speaking Community of Quebec

As part of the Quebec Community Groups Network’s effort to better inform our community about its language rights, we are hosting a series of webinars. This first in the series Language Rights and the English-speaking Community of Quebec, will take place this Thursday, March 11 at 5 p.m. Lawyer Marion Sandilands will give a short history of language rights in Canada. Sandilands, who practices civil litigation, constitutional and administrative law at Conway Baxter Wilson LLP, has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada on matters of constitutional law and language rights. That included representing the QCGN when we intervened in the case of Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique v. British Columbia. In that landmark case, the Supreme Court gave a generous and broad interpretation of Section 23 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees minority language educational rights to French-speaking communities outside Quebec and to the English-speaking minority within Quebec. Read more about that case here and here. Sandilands was also the lead author on QCGN’s English-speaking community of Quebec and the modernization of the Official Languages Act. Register here to receive a secure link to attend the online webinar.  Upcoming webinars will discuss the Official Languages Act and its importance to English-speaking Quebec as well as the Charter of the French Language. These one-hour webinars will be moderated discussions with subject matter experts. Webinar participants will be able to ask questions through the chat function.

QCGN Statement on The Expert Panel on Language of Work and Service in Federally Regulated Private Businesses

MONTREAL, March 5, 2020 – The QCGN applauds the appointment of Me Janice Naymark to the Expert Panel on Language of Work and Service in Federally Regulated Private Businesses. Me Naymark is an experienced lawyer with deep roots in English-speaking Quebec. She is an active member of the QCGN’s Access to Justice Committee, the Quebec Association of Independent Schools and other community organizations serving the English-speaking community of Quebec.

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Language reforms loom, are we ready?

Did you know that Bill 101, Quebec’s French-first language law, is set to be overhauled in 2021, and promises to be even more restrictive of minority languages in the province? Probably not — there are bigger things dominating the news and people’s personal lives these days. But in the midst of the biggest health crisis of a century, the CAQ government decided in September to take $5 million from its budget and spend it on beefing up the OQLF, also known as the language police.

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White paper on the Official Languages Act gets mixed reception from language equality advocates

On February 19, the federal government released its long-awaited policy document outlining reforms to modernize the Official Languages Act, following consultations across the country. However, the document entitled, English and French: Towards a Substantive Equality of Official Languages in Canada, has received mixed responses from language advocates.

Commissioner of Official Languages Raymond Théberge says he is pleased to see that the principle of substantive equality between English and French is the central element of the reforms. Similarly, Jean Johnson, the President of the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne, has voiced his support for the proposals.

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QCGN Cautiously Optimistic About Ottawa’s Plan to Overhaul the Official Languages Act

Montreal, February 19, 2021 – The Quebec Community Groups Network is pleased that Official Languages Minister Mélanie Joly has reaffirmed the Government of Canada’s continued leadership on matters of official languages. At the same time, the QCGN calls on the federal government to address our community’s longstanding concerns about the provision of public services in English, as well as employment in federal institutions in Quebec.

Minister Joly’s reform document for official languages in Canada, French and English: towards substantive equality for official languages in Canada, released earlier today, captures important requests made by Quebec’s English-speaking community during the consultation process.

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QCGN Analysis of Quebec’s Five Orientations to Modernize Canada’s Official Languages Act

Last week the Government of Quebec released its position related to the modernization of Canada’s Official Languages Act. Quebec wants French recognized as Canada’s only official minority language, and is seeking exclusive jurisdiction over all matters related to language ‘in the territory’ of the province. A legal analysis of the province’s position by the Quebec Community Groups Network determines that Quebec’s proposal would erode the rights of Official Language Minority Communities all across Canada, and be catastrophic to English-speaking Quebec.

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