English-speaking Quebecers today launched a Plea to Save the CBC at a press conference in Montreal attended by a number of community leaders

English-speaking Quebecers in Montreal, and particularly those in the regions, are concerned about the latest round of cutbacks at CBC and Radio-Canada. They fear that deep cuts to news and programming at our public broadcaster will do irreparable harm to basic news services and programming. They also expressed concerns that the very existence of an institution that is dear to their hearts is threatened and, with that, the vitality of English-speaking communities in Quebec. “To survive, our communities need to be strong and visible” noted Robert Donnelly, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network. “Coverage by the CBC is one of the factors that helps us maintain vitality in our communities, many of them far flung and with little or no access to private English broadcasters. Many English-speaking Quebecers are also listeners and viewers of Radio Canada, which sometimes talks about our communities and provides strong and effective coverage of the greater society in which we live.” Full version…

QCGN launches the Sheila & Victor Goldbloom distinguished community service award

The Gaspe Spec

MONTREAL – On June 2 the Quebec Community Groups Network launched the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award which will recognize individuals who have contributed to strengthening the English-speaking community and to building bridges of understanding between Quebecers of different backgrounds. QCGN president Robert Donnelly explained the Board of the Network decided to establish a prize for individuals who have gone above and beyond in contributing to the vitality and understanding of English-speaking Quebec and decided to name it in favour of two individuals who are models of the engaged citizen. […]  The deadline for nominations is July 15. More details on the award on how to nominate candidates can be found on the website of the QCGN at www.qcgn.ca. The first ever Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Awards will be handed out during a special celebration of English-speaking Quebec during the Annual General Meeting of the Quebec Community Groups Network in Gatineau on September 12. Read more…

Anglophone group’s award honours Goldblooms

Canadian Jewish News, David Lazarus

MONTREAL — Younger English-speaking Quebecers more than ever before are “better equipped linguistically and attitudinally” to play a role in the province, Victor Goldbloom says. With husband Victor looking on, Sheila Goldbloom speaks at the Quebec Community Group Network press conference launching an award in their name. Goldbloom made the comments at a downtown press conference last week to launch the Quebec Community Groups Network’s (QCGN) Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award. The first award is to be presented Sept. 12 at the organization’s annual general meeting in Gatineau. It will be given annually by QCGN, an umbrella group for 32 Quebec English-language community organizations. Read more…

Nominate a local mover and shaker

The Townships Outlet

The Quebec Community Groups Network, an umbrella group representing English-speaking groups throughout Quebec, has established a Distinguished Community Service award to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond to contribute to the vitality and understanding of English-speaking Quebec. The award is named in honour of Dr. Victor Goldbloom and Sheila Goldbloom who exemplify the ideals the group hopes to recognize in recipients of the award. Nominees of all ages and from all regions of Quebec who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to improving the quality of like of English-speaking Quebec, either as a volunteer or as a professional, are eligible for the award. Read more…

New Democrats turn their backs on anglos

The Gazette

If the New Democrats want to poke anglophone Quebecers in the eye, they have every right to do so. But they should at least have the courage to admit what they’re doing.  Last week New Democrats in Parliament – including Tom Mulcair, MP for Outremont and the party’s Quebec caucus – voted to diminish anglophone language rights in Quebec. At issue was a Bloc resolution – defeated, because the Liberals sided with the Conservatives – that would have made the federal government abandon what control it has over the language of work in Quebec. […] This time the estimable Quebec Community Groups Network was ready for that sleight of hand, with its own legal opinion suggesting that the Bloc motion, if enacted, would indeed cut into the protection the federal Official Languages Act offers to linguistic minorities. Read more…

Bid to protect French in Quebec threatens minorities elsewhere

The Gazette, Mike De Souza

OTTAWA — Despite the defeat of an attempt in Parliament to apply Quebec’s French language charter to federal laws there is still a threat to the rights of minority groups across the country that won’t go away, says a network of English-speaking organizations from across the country. Read more…

Developing Skills of Young Women in Rural Areas

The Regional Association of West Quebecers is taking part in a pilot project offered in three Quebec regions to develop the leadership skills of young English-speaking women in rural areas by supporting and training small groups as they carry out viable projects in their communities.  “Not only does the project give participants the opportunity to practice their new skills, but it also allows these women to create a real and meaningful experience as they make a difference in their communities,” commented project coordinator Lise Palmer.  This is a unique pilot project by the Quebec Community Groups Network in collaboration with the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation (3ci) and funded through Status of Women Canada’s Women’s Program.  West Quebecers is one of the regional partners.

QCGN Award

The Sherbrooke Record

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) has launched a new award to recognize individuals who have contributed to strengthening the province’s English-speaking community.
The Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Service Award is also meant to acknowledge those who have helped bridge understanding between Quebecers of different backgrounds Read more…

Création des prix Sheila et Victor Goldbloom

Le Devoir, Stéphane Baillargeon

Le Québec Community Groups Network (QCGN) crée des prix pour rendre hommage aux personnes « ayant contribué de façon exceptionnelle à la vitalité et à la compréhension des communautés d’expression anglaise du Québec ». Les prix de l’organisme-parapluie, qui réunit 32 groupes communautaires du Québec, vont aussi souligner « l’entretien de liens solides entre Québécois de toutes origines ». Read more…

New award values community service Named after Goldblooms: Candidates must have bettered “quality of life for English-speaking Quebecers”

The Gazette, Hubert Bauch

The Quebec Community Groups Network is seeking nominations for a new award it has established to recognize individuals for contributions to Quebec’s English-speaking community.
The award, named in honour of Sheila and Victor Goldbloom, will be presented to one or several persons each year who have gone “above and beyond in contributing to the vitality and understanding of English-speaking Quebec and to building bridges of understanding between Quebecers of different backgrounds,” the organization announced yesterday. Read more…