Tele-Quebec French-Language Triathlon: The English-speaking Community after the Quiet Revolution

The French-language Triathlon is a competition for students in jounalism in Quebec. The competition takes place from October 18 to November 28, 2010 and from January 24 to March 6, 2011. In total, the teams will produce reports on six topics. All reports have to put their emphasis on the cultural and social nature of the French language.

The QCGN was asked to participate in an interview about the English-speaking community and its relationship with the French language after the Quiet Revolution in Quebec. Below is a link to the report created by Guillaume Jacob who participated in the contest in the ”future reporter” category.

MCDC launches celebrations for its 10th anniversary

The Megantic English-speaking Community Development Corporation (MCDC) is proud to announce the celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Established on November 24, 2000, MCDC serves the English-speaking community living in the MRC des Appalaches, MRC de l’Érable and MRC de Lotbinière.  Historically, this territory was known as Megantic County.  MCDC also works in partnership with community organizations and public health institutions in the other regions of Chaudière-Appalaces to facilitate access to health services in English.  Read more…

MCDC honours Walling with Honorary Life Membership

The Megantic English-speaking Community Development Corporation (MCDC), which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this November, held a community supper and celebration on Saturday, Nov. 6. For the occasion, MCDC awarded its first-ever Honorary Life Membership to Richard Walling in recognition of his loyalty, devotion and commitment to the organization.

Along with Aline Visser and Jennifer Johnson, Walling initiated a community project in the Thetford region that eventually led to the creation of MCDC of which the mission is to develop and implement activities, services and programs that serve the English-speaking population of the Lotbinière, L’Amiante and L’Érable regions.

Walling has been, and continues to be, involved and the award was meant as a thank you from MCDC and all the community. Walling received the award from MCDC president Ann Marie Powell.

Goldbloom Awards

The Townships Outlet

What do Elsa Bolam, Richard Walling and Alex Paterson have in common today?
Besides decades of community advocacy between them, the three are newly-minted recipients of the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award. 

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) launched the Goldbloom Awards in 2009 to recognize outstanding service in Quebec’s English-speaking community. Full version…

Language report stirs polarized reaction

By JAN RAVENSBERGEN, The Montreal Gazette

Hot on the heels of a federal report issued yesterday that said “far too many Canadians” can’t get federal services in the official language of their choice, the two solitudes spoke out -offering polar-opposite perspectives.  Help fix the problem by sharply boosting the number of anglophones in the federal public service within Quebec, advised Linda Leith, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN). Read more…

Federal institutions in Quebec must hire more English-speaking staff: group

By Jan Ravensbergen, Montreal Gazette 

MONTREAL – A sharp boost in the number of English-speaking Quebecers in the federal public service within the province would be one concrete way to tackle a wide array of shortcomings pinpointed in a freshly released federal official-languages update, an advocacy group said.

English-speaking Quebecers constitute more than 12 per cent of Quebec’s population – but currently hold fewer than 7 per cent of federal jobs in the province, added Linda Leith, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN). Read more…

Federal institutions must hire more English-speaking Quebecers

The Quebec Community Groups Network welcomes the publication of the second volume of the Commissioner of Official Languages Graham Fraser’s 2009-2010 annual report, Beyond Obligations, which examines how federal institutions are complying with the Official Languages Act.

The English-speaking Community of Quebec shares the Commissioner’s concerns regarding the efforts of federal institutions to ensure that positive measures are taken for the implementation of the Government of Canada’s commitments under the Official Languages Act.  Full version…

QCGN awards event is sold out

Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

The Quebec Community Groups Network Friday will honour the winners of the second annual Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award which celebrates individuals who have gonen above and beyond in contributing to the vitality and understanding of English-speaking Quebec.

The event, to be held in Montreal, is sold out.  This year’s laureates are lawyer and longtime community volunteer Alex Paterson, theatre icon Elsa Bolam and helth care actibist and community advocate Richard Walling.  Read more…

Anglo business owners decry lack of resources

Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

English-speaking small business owners across Quebec are speaking out about the lack of resources to help them develop and grop their businesses and contribute to their local economies.

The Conference Board of Canada reported in 2008 that the creation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in cultureal or linguistic monirity communities is a powerful catalyst for economic diversification and an important vehicle for job creation. The success of businesses in any community is based on the strength and determination of the individuals behind them, but the extent of success is influenced by the ability to obtain support and aid from external resources.  Read more…

QCGN proposes paradigm shift in relations between English minority and French majority

The Equity

In its brief to the Committee on Culture and Education looking at Bill 103, the Quebec Community Groups Network proposes a paradigm shift in the relations between the English minority and French majority in Quebec.

The QCGN is proposing two fundamental shifts in perspective to help Quebec society move through the social and economic challenges ahead, said QCGN President Linda Leith.  Read more…