Prime Minister Responds to Our Community

The QCGN is very pleased to report that we have just received a letter from the Prime Minister unequivocally reiterating his personal commitment to the rights of our English language minority community and to those of the French language minority outside Quebec. The letter was gracious and heartening, as it was clear our Prime Minister understands the importance of speaking to minority language communities in their own language.

The QCGN has in turn responded to the Prime Minister’s letter expressing gratitude for his continuing support and the collaboration demonstrated by the Government. We have also extended an invitation on the community’s behalf to meet at his convenience to discuss the special challenges English-speaking Quebec faces.

Read the letter from the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed to the Quebec Community Groups Network.

Official Languages Consultations Webcasts

The Cross-Canada official languages consultations 2016 rolled into Sherbrooke on August 5, and to Quebec City on August 23, and Montreal on August 30. English-speaking Quebec was represented at all sessions that were hosted in institutions of our community.

Watch the webcast for the Montreal consultation

Watch the webcast for the Moncton consultation

Anglos must ensure their rights are respected

Fighting for the survival of its institutions is of key importance for the vitality of English-speaking Quebec, QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge said in an interview with CTV Montreal. Alliance Quebec founder Eric Maldoff said English-speaking Quebecers suffer from “benign neglect” on the part of government. Maldoff, Martin-Laforge and Official Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser contend Anglophones must get involved and fight for their rights. They also said the Quebec government needs to create a structure to look out for the interests of its minority language community.

Watch the interview with Alliance Quebec founder Eric Maldoff
Watch the CTV News follow-up story

Quebec anglos need to push for their rights: Official Languages Commissioner

“Quebec anglophones, like French-speakers elsewhere in Canada, need to be vigilant about ensuring their rights and needs are respected, says Canada’s outgoing Commissioner of Official Languages.”

The Montreal Gazette editorial board interviewed Graham Fraser as he concludes his 10-year mandate as Commissioner of Official Languages.

Read more…

Newly elected QCGN president ready, eager to start term

Andrea Cranfield, The Pontiac – June 22, 2016.

James Shea was elected to a two-year term as president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) during the annual general meeting on June 3. He had served on the board of directors for the past four years and spent three as vice president. The QCGN is a non-profit organization linking 48 English community organizations across Quebec. Shea is the first QCGN president to come from West Quebec. He is also the Chair of the Western Quebec School Board.

Read the full article.

Bill 86 committee urged to repair ties with the English-speaking community

QUEBEC — The province should create a liaison office to better understand today’s English-speaking Quebecers and help rebuild bridges with a community that’s feeling ignored, misunderstood and discriminated against, the Quebec Community Groups Network told the education minister on Thursday.

“You could do it informally, you could do it by legislation, there are different ways of doing it,” QCGN director general Sylvia Martin-Laforge later elaborated with the Montreal Gazette. “Is it a political office, an administrative office … We’re prepared to sit with government to examine what options there would be to facilitate our insertion into policy-making in Quebec.” Read more

Opinion: Bill 86 on school governance infringes on English community rights

This is an edited excerpt of a brief the Quebec Community Groups Network presented Thursday to a National Assembly committee studying Bill 86:

On Dec. 4, 2015, the government of Quebec introduced Bill 86: “An Act to modify the organization and governance of school boards to give schools a greater say in decision-making and ensure parents’ presence within each school board’s decision-making body.” Its purpose is administrative. It makes no claim either to directly improve the scholastic performance of Quebec’s students or improve or maintain existing educational services. Rather, put simply, Bill 86 seeks to increase the executive authority of the education minister… Read  more

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