Our tribute to an official languages champion, Mauril Bélanger

A contingent from our sister community in French-speaking Ontario was present during the Community Awards ceremony to mark the passing of Official Languages champion Mauril Bélanger.

Mauril left us much stronger. Confronted by an unrelenting affliction, he responded with unwavering dignity and quiet courage. Mauril lived and then left this life with character, fortitude, determination and inner strength. His example, his inspiration, his grace, his courage shall ‘all of us command’.

For the occasion, his wife Catherine Bélanger said a few words expressing her gratitude for the tribute to her late husband.

Read QCGN’s tribute: Mauril Bélanger 1955-2016.

You can also view the news report by Jacques Bourbeau from Global Ottawa that was presented during the ceremony.

Honouring our bridge-builder per excellence, Dr. Victor Goldbloom

During our Community Awards ceremony on October 27, a special tribute was extended to Dr. Victor Goldbloom in light of his recent passing last spring.

It marked a sad milestone as we commemorated one half of a dynamic duo for which our distinguished community service award is named. Adding a bittersweet tone to our annual event, his tribute only acknowledged Dr. Goldbloom as a trailblazer — a community bridge-builder, pillar of wisdom, faith, certitude, calm and, above all, enormous accomplishment.

To honour his memory, Sheila Goldbloom adressed a few words and thanked the QCGN for its important role to the community.

You can read the tribute written for his legacy: Dr. Victor C. Goldbloom 1923-2016

You can also watch the video made by Paola Samuel from Global Montreal that was presented during the ceremony.

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