2017 Goldbloom Awards

Quebec Anglophone community groups get $1M in federal funding

“The Quebec Community Groups Network, an Anglophone umbrella group, has chosen 10 organizations to receive $1 million in federal funding.”

The Community Innovation Fund is supporting the projects to create opportunities for youth, newcomers and seniors. Many Montreal organizations will receive funding from May 2017 until March 2019 which could go a long way for the communities they help support.

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Ten projects selected to help vulnerable Quebec anglophones

“Ten projects that will improve the prospects and quality of life of vulnerable English-speaking youth, seniors and newcomers have been selected among 43 project proposals vying for $1 million in federal funding over the next two years”

The Quebec Community Groups Network was chosen to solicit and select projects and to distribute the $1 million from the federal government’s Community Innovation Fund.

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Feds give $1M to Quebec groups serving English-speaking community

“Ottawa is providing more than $1 million in funding for community groups in Quebec that serve the English-speaking community. Ten organizations will benefit from the funding over two years, chosen from 43 groups that made submissions for projects.”

The money is administred by Quebec Community Groups Network. The projects chosen range from support to youth and seniors in Montreal all across Quebec to the Magdalen Islands and the North Shore. Beyond government funding, the QCGN is hoping to strike up relationships with the private sector to encourage corporate support for community programs.

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Social Initiatives to Address Needs of Vulnerable English-speaking Youth, Seniors and Newcomers

Montreal, April 27, 2017 – The Quebec Community Groups Network today announced the selection of 10 projects that will improve employability or secure basic socioeconomic security for vulnerable youth, seniors/caregivers or newcomers in Quebec’s English-language communities.

These projects will be financed under the Community Innovation Fund (CIF), which will invest $1 million in federal funds between May 2017 and March 2019 for social initiatives  that build job skills and develop partnerships across the non-profit and private sectors.

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Community Innovation Fund announces shortlisted projects

Montreal, March 21, 2017 – The independent selection committee for the Community Innovation Fund (CIF) met last week and has come up with a shortlist of organizations that will be invited to submit a full application. The selection committee, chaired by Grace Hogg, Grants Coordinator of the George Hogg Family Foundation, has shortlisted 11 projects that improve employability or basic socioeconomic security for vulnerable youth, seniors/caregivers, and/or newcomers. Some tackle more than one of these vulnerable populations that are targeted by the fund which was set up to finance social initiatives for community organizations providing direct support to English-speaking Quebecers.

The projects, from six regions of Quebec, include eight that address the needs of English-speaking youth, including youth with special needs; two that address the needs of seniors; and two that address the needs of newcomers. Financed by the Government of Canada through the Social Partnership Initiative in Official Language Minority Communities, and managed by the QCGN, the Community Innovation Fund (CIF) is a new resource to put social innovation in action. Between April 2017 and March 2019, the fund will invest more than $1 million in social initiatives while building partnerships to increase funds that will be injected into the community.

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View the list on the Community Innovation Fund webpage

For more information on the Community Innovation Fund, please contact 514-868-9044, ext. 230 or go to cif@qcgn.ca.

Community Innovation Fund Seeking Proposals to Better Serve Vulnerable Youth, Seniors/Caregivers or Newcomers

Montreal, November 11, 2016 –The Quebec Community Groups Network today invited non-profit organizations that serve English-speaking Quebecers to announce their intention to apply for the Community Innovation Fund (CIF) which will finance social initiatives to improve employability or secure basic socioeconomic security for vulnerable youth, seniors/caregivers or newcomers in Quebec’s English-language communities.

“The focus of this Fund is on supporting organizations to find innovative and sustainable ways to serve the needs of our communities,” said QCGN Board Member James Hughes who sits on the Governance Committee of the Community Innovation Fund. “CIF will empower communities to develop new financial models and to diversify partnerships while deepening existing ones.”

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A farewell for a decade of valued service, Graham Fraser

During our Community Awards ceremony last week, Graham Fraser, the outgoing Commissioner of Official Languages was thanked for a decade of advocacy and diplomacy that characterized his decade in office.

“Entrusted with a profound responsibility—to nourish and nurture the continual flowering of our innate, dynamic duality—Graham has proven a master”

This part is taken from a tribute which was offered to him as he attended the annual awards for the last time in his official capacity as Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages.

You can read the tribute: Graham Fraser.

Our tribute to an official languages champion, Mauril Bélanger

A contingent from our sister community in French-speaking Ontario was present during the Community Awards ceremony to mark the passing of Official Languages champion Mauril Bélanger.

Mauril left us much stronger. Confronted by an unrelenting affliction, he responded with unwavering dignity and quiet courage. Mauril lived and then left this life with character, fortitude, determination and inner strength. His example, his inspiration, his grace, his courage shall ‘all of us command’.

For the occasion, his wife Catherine Bélanger said a few words expressing her gratitude for the tribute to her late husband.

Read QCGN’s tribute: Mauril Bélanger 1955-2016.

You can also view the news report by Jacques Bourbeau from Global Ottawa that was presented during the ceremony.

Honouring our bridge-builder per excellence, Dr. Victor Goldbloom

During our Community Awards ceremony on October 27, a special tribute was extended to Dr. Victor Goldbloom in light of his recent passing last spring.

It marked a sad milestone as we commemorated one half of a dynamic duo for which our distinguished community service award is named. Adding a bittersweet tone to our annual event, his tribute only acknowledged Dr. Goldbloom as a trailblazer — a community bridge-builder, pillar of wisdom, faith, certitude, calm and, above all, enormous accomplishment.

To honour his memory, Sheila Goldbloom adressed a few words and thanked the QCGN for its important role to the community.

You can read the tribute written for his legacy: Dr. Victor C. Goldbloom 1923-2016

You can also watch the video made by Paola Samuel from Global Montreal that was presented during the ceremony.