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Quebec invests nearly $7 million in English-speaking community

It’s a new program that the province is hoping will help the English community. The Minister Responsible for Relations with English Speaking Quebecers, Kathleen Weil, announced nearly $7 million will be going to organizations that offer services to English-speaking Quebecers. Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) says though the grant program is something they’ve been pushing for, more is […]

Quebec spending millions to improve health care access for Anglos

As promised in the spring budget, the provincial government is spending $6.9 million to improve access to health care for anglophones and to help other anglophone groups. Kathleen Weil, the Minister responsible for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, detailed on Tuesday how the money will be spent: $5.7 million for community groups that work with anglophones, […]

Liberals Pledge $7 Million in New Money for Anglos

Kathleen Weil, the Couillard government’s minister responsible for anglos, was in Verdun Tuesday morning to announce a new program designed to bolster the English speaking community’s access to services. She announced $6.9 million will be distributed over three years to four organizations: $5.7 million will go to the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN), […]

Quebec unveils where $7M earmarked for Anglos will be invested

Community Health and Social Services network, ELAN, Literacy Québec, Senior Action Québec to receive funds The Quebec government has announced which Anglophone community groups will be on the receiving end of $6.9 million set aside for them in the last provincial budget. Kathleen Weil, the minister responsible for relations with English-speaking Quebecers, said on Tuesday the province wants […]

Quebec pledges $7 million for anglophone groups

The Quebec government is giving nearly $7 million in financial aid to organizations that work with anglophone communities in order for them to diversify and expand their offerings. The bulk of the funding will go toward the Community Health and Social Services network, which will receive $5.7 million over three years. It will distribute 93 […]

Press Release: Ministers Gaétan Barrette and Kathleen Weil present new members of the Provincial Committee for the Provision of Health and Social Services in the English Language (in French only)

Les ministres Gaétan Barrette et Kathleen Weil présentent les nouveaux membres du Comité provincial pour la prestation des services de santé et des services sociaux en langue anglaise Québec, le 14 août 2018 Le ministre de la Santé et des Services sociaux, monsieur Gaétan Barrette, ainsi que la ministre responsable de l’Accès à l’information et […]

Dans Jacques-Cartier, on parle anglais: D-Tour électoral dans Jacques-Cartier

In the first of a series of pre-election articles, Le Devoir focuses on the predominantly English-speaking riding of Jacques-Cartier. QCGN President Geoffrey Chamber said all parties should support the Secretariat for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers. En prévision des élections, Le Devoir effectue une tournée qui le mène dans des circonscriptions aux prises avec des enjeux qui préoccupent […]

Patients’ group at St. Mary’s kept in dark over English signs problem

The patient-rights group at St. Mary’s Hospital was kept in the dark over how to resolve concerns about the erosion of English at the Côte-des-Neiges institution following Health Minister Gaétan Barrette’s sweeping reforms, the Montreal Gazette has learned. Under Bill 10, St. Mary’s fell under the authority of a newly-formed umbrella organization in 2015. Soon after, the CIUSSS […]