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Bill C-32 as seen by Quebec Anglophones

Bill C-32, which amends the Official Languages Act, has been welcomed by groups representing francophone communities outside Quebec. For Quebec Anglophones, the reception has been much more mixed, although most of their concerns are focused on the Quebec government’s Bill 96 (the reform of Bill 101). Francopresse spoke – in French – with Marlene Jennings, […]

Joly, Skeete address language “anxiety”

Federal minister of official languages Mélanie Joly and MNA Christopher Skeete, parliamentary assistant to Premier François Legault for relations with English-speaking Quebecers, are trying to reassure members of the English-speaking community concerned about recently tabled language legislation. Skeete and Joly spoke on June 22 during a conference organized by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) […]


Anglo-Quebecers also reject Bill C-32, but on completely different grounds than the Bloc Québécois. The asymmetrical approach of Bill C-32, which recognizes French as the more endangered of the country’s two official languages, is “a clear attack on the equality of Canada’s official languages,” according to the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) “Traditionally, the Official […]

Bill 96: English rights group decries draconian details

If the current draft of Bill 96 passes, language police can come into businesses without a warrant to search through phones, computers, and documents to ensure that communications are in French. This was a main point of discussion during English language advocacy organization Quebec Community Groups Network’s conference on draft Bill 96 on June 21. […]

Townshippers’ Association reacts to Bill C-32

In reaction to the tabling of Bill C-32, Townshippers’ Association issued a press release recognizing that while the legislation goes a long way in terms of increasing the recognition and support of Canada’s French-speaking communities inside and outside of Quebec, Quebec’s English-speaking minority community has cause to remain deeply concerned. “How will this piece of […]

Quebec’s new language bill creates ‘charter-free zone,’ English rights group warns

The Quebec Community Groups Network says Bill 96 is wide-ranging, complex and represents a significant overhaul of Quebec’s legal order. QCGN head Marlene Jennings told reporters today the bill seeks to modify 24 provincial statutes as well as the Constitution Act of 1867. Jennings says the government’s pre-emptive use of the notwithstanding clause to shield […]

Minorities risk being excluded by Quebec’s proposed language law, Anglo-rights group says

Wording by the Quebec government in its proposed amendment of the Canadian Constitution could exclude many from being defined as a Quebecer, according to an analysis of Bill 96 by the Quebec Community Groups Network. The QCGN is an umbrella group made up of English-speaking community organizations. It says the proposed new language law would effectively make the province a […]

Townshippers’ Association Hosts its Annual General Meeting and Names 2021 Community Award & Excel in the Estrie! Winners.

The Townshippers’ Association hosted its 41st Annual General Meeting this Friday June 4th, 2021, with 34 members, guests, and stakeholders in attendance. For a second year in a row, the Association provided a summary of the last year’s activities via videoconference and the business meeting was followed by the unveiling of the winners of this year’s Young […]