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QCGN Supports Commissioner’s Call for Symmetry in the Official Languages Act

Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages Raymond Théberge is advising the federal government to maintain the equal status of French and English in its coming changes to the Official Languages Act. The Quebec Community Groups Network enthusiastically endorses this advice. In his annual report tabled in the House of Commons today, Commissioner Théberge said he is […]

Quebec nationalism push poses election challenge for Justin Trudeau

Some 25 years after an independence bid by Quebec almost broke Canada apart, a new push by the province to strengthen its French-speaking identity poses an awkward challenge for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau months before an expected election. The Quebec Community Groups Network, which seeks to defend anglophones, said Legault’s proposed measures “override fundamental human […]

QCGN Calls for More Study and Debate on Quebec’s Proposal

A strong majority of Canadians outside Quebec and a significant minority within this province are concerned about the proposed unilateral amendment to the Canadian Constitution affirming that Quebec is a nation and that its official language is French. That is the finding of a national survey on amending the Constitution and recognizing the Quebec nation […]

Quebec’s Bill 96 creates ‘opportunity’ for federal Liberals, senator says

Quebec’s legislation to further enforce the use of French in the province creates an “opportunity” for the federal Liberals as a national election looms this year, says a veteran Quebec senator. “Crisis equals opportunity,” said Dennis Dawson, who was appointed to the Senate in 2005 on the recommendation of then-prime minister Paul Martin after three terms as […]

Quebecers Sharply Divided Over Hardening of Language Law, Poll Reveals

Non-Francophones hold widely diverging views from French-speaking Quebecers on Bill 96, which aims to enforce and reinforce the Charter of the French Language (Bill 101). A majority of Anglophones and Allophones also believe the debate over the proposed legislation will strain relations between the majority and minority communities. That is one of the findings of […]

Meech, prise 2

In Le Devoir, columnist Konrad Yakabuski notes that QCGN President Marlene Jennings warned the federal government that Bill 96 jeopardizes the constitutional rights of linguistic minorities and imperils the integrity of Canada’s constitutional architecture. Expect more voices to be added to that of Jennings in the coming weeks, he writes, adding that that Prime Minister […]

Chelsea’s English services at risk

Draft Bill 96 leaves it up to the municipal council to save Chelsea’s bilingual status. The proposed amendment to Quebec law, the Canadian Constitution, and the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms would make it harder for English-only speaking Quebec residents to access services and information in English from their municipality. Quebec Community Groups Network […]