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Des propos qui ne passent pas

Eva Ludvig of the QCGN’s Executive Committee tells Noovo during an in-depth video news report that Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau’s comments damage the reputation of Quebec’s English-speaking community and have reinforced persistent myths and long-outdated stereotypes. Lesley Chesterman says she was mortified by Rousseau’s comments. Chesterman describes Rousseau as a dinosaur. Read more


For the Quebec Community Groups Network, no official apology can erase the “damage” caused by the CEO of Air Canada to the English-speaking community of Quebec. The president of the group, Marlene Jennings, believes that Mr. Rousseau’s words feed the “myth” that English-speaking Quebecers are a privileged minority indifferent to the French fact. Read more

Air Canada CEO’s apology fails to calm criticism over language comments

A public apology from the president and CEO of Air Canada Michael Rousseau Thursday over his inability to speak French has done little to calm the language tempest he sparked this week. “His attitude simply does not reflect the values of our community,” QCGN president Marlene Jennings said, noting Rousseau’s “tone deaf” comments provide ammunition […]

QCGN to Air Canada: Apology Alone Cannot Undo Damage to English-speaking Quebec

No apology can undo the lasting damage that the CEO of Air Canada has inflicted on Quebec’s English-speaking community and the core national value of linguistic duality. “Air Canada employs many Francophones and is obliged to communicate with the public in both official languages,” says Marlene Jennings, President of the Quebec Community Groups Network. “However, […]