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Proposed Bill 101 Overhaul Disregards Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms

The Quebec Community Groups Network deeply regrets that proposed changes to the Charter of the French Language override fundamental human rights and will erode the vitality of our English-speaking minority community. “The proposed legislative changes are more far-reaching than we could have ever imagined,” QCGN President Marlene Jennings said following a quick review of Bill […]

Bilingual municipalities call for ‘balance and ‘respect’ ahead of Quebec language reform

A group of suburban municipalities with bilingual status is calling for ‘balance’ and ‘respect’ ahead of major language reform set to be tabled in Quebec today. Marlene Jennings, head of the Quebec Community Groups Network, or QCGN, said she finds it “very interesting” the bilingual status for some municipalities could change, given the CAQ’s stance, historically […]

Canada’s language commissioner says he shares anglos’ concerns

Canada’s commissioner of official languages says he shares the concerns of Quebec’s English-speaking minority over proposed reforms to federal language policies. “I do … share the concerns of Quebec’s English-speaking community that the addition of asymmetrical components to the act will undermine the equal status of English and French,” Théberge said in a statement. “I therefore […]

Chez Doris: Domestic Violence & Homelessness

(VIDEO) Marina Boulos-Winton, executive director of the Chez Doris women’s shelter, joins Concordia University Television (CUTV) for a Facebook Live event to discuss the interconnectivity between domestic violence and homelessness and how to further help survivors of domestic violence. Watch here

‘Fulford is not a facility, but a home’ and family members are trying to save it

Five residents have moved out of the Fulford Residence since the beginning of April, a month after their families learned that the venerable downtown establishment for senior women is closing — and three more will have left by the end of this week. Among those who have written letters in support of preserving Fulford are Jennifer Maccarone, Liberal MNA […]

Liberals’ Language Plan Promises to Protect Anglo Rights

Discussing the Liberal’s 27-point plan to protect and promote the French language on CJAD radio, QCGN President Marlene Jennings said there are good and bad ideas. Jennings said the QCGN agrees with a Liberal suggestion to have an independent language commissioner with a clear mandate and powers. However the advocacy group is less impressed with […]

Use of Notwithstanding Clause Would Run Roughshod Over Rights of English-speaking Quebecers

MONTREAL, April 22, 2021 – The Quebec Community Groups Network is alarmed that Premier François Legault foreshadowed that the Quebec government may invoke the notwithstanding clause to limit the linguistic rights of English-speaking Quebecers. “The QCGN was already concerned about what the government will propose to enforce and reinforce the Charter of the French Language […]

QCGN Statement on Superior Court Ruling on Quebec’s Secularism Law

MONTREAL, April 20, 2021 – The Quebec Community Groups Network welcomes today’s Superior Court ruling which declares that Quebec’s secularism law – An Act Respecting the laicity of the State – violates Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms regarding minority education rights. In a landmark ruling for Quebec’s English-speaking community, Justice […]