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Lack of anglo representation at Bill 96 hearings is ‘deplorable,’ groups say

Quebec anglophone groups say they will be dramatically under-represented at this fall’s Bill 96 hearings. Out of 50 speakers invited to take part in the hearings for the government’s proposed overhaul of language legislation, Sept. 21 to Oct. 7, there are just three groups representing the anglophone community. “We’re calling for broader participation in those hearings,” […]

QCGN Statement on National Assembly Hearings on Bill 96

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) is deeply disappointed that the Government of Quebec is severely limiting participation in public hearings on Bill 96 and that it did not issue a wider invitation to Quebecers. Instead, government officials pre-selected participants with a strong bias in favour of the legislation. The Committee on Culture and Education […]

RAWQ Statement on the Official Languages of Quebec and Canada

The members of the elected Board of Directors of the Regional Association of West Quebecers (RAWQ) issue the following statement on the official languages of Québec and Canada. Canada is a country constituted of ten provinces and three territories. We support an Official Languages Act of Canada that recognizes two official languages, English and French, […]

Anglophones and Francophones Share Strong Affinity for Their Respective Communities

While English-speaking Quebecers express a greater sense of attachment to Canada and French-speaking Quebecers say they are more attached to Quebec, both possess similar levels of attachment to their respective language communities and to their cities, towns, or regions. Results from a survey conducted by Léger Marketing for the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and […]

Poll: Attachment to one’s language community is equally important to French- and English-speaking Quebecers, but important differences persist in their respective attachments to Canada and Quebec

Results from a survey done by Léger Marketing for the Quebec Community Groups Network and the Association for Canadian Studies reveal that attachment to one’s language community is equally important to Quebec’s English and French speakers. Beyond that, differences persist in the degree to which French and English speakers are attached to Quebec relative to […]

What will new language bills mean for English-speaking Quebecers? Advocacy groups aims to find out

An English-rights advocacy group is looking into what Quebec’s Bill 96 and Ottawa’s Bill C-32 will mean for the province’s English-speaking community. The Quebec Community Groups Network hosted a conference Tuesday morning with participants from both Ottawa and Quebec taking part. Federal Official Languages Minister Melanie Joly defended Bill C-32, which includes the strengthening of […]

Les Anglo-Québécois entendent lutter contre la loi 96

It is with the rhetoric and strategy of a beleaguered minority that Quebec’s English-speaking community intends to fight the CAQ government’s Bill 96, which it considers to be an infringement of its rights in several respects. Under the umbrella of the Quebec Community Groups Network, some 150 people attended a conference on the subject on […]