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New official languages plan aims to end the decline of French in Canada

The federal government recently unveiled an ambitious new official languages plan to modernize the 51-year-old Official Languages Act. It’s the most significant proposal on the status of French and English in Canada since the 1982 enactment of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which entrenched the main provisions of the 1969 Official Languages Act in the Canadian […]

How a local organization is empowering Black youth

The agency was born out of DESTA Black Youth Network — a non-profit Montreal community group founded in 2006 that aims to reduce individual and systemic barriers to employment for Black youth. It offers professional services in graphic and web design, communications and marketing. CBC Montreal had the chance to speak to DESTA graphic designer Kamden Biggart and multidisciplinary designer Peeta […]

There is a literacy helpline for English-speaking Quebecers

Literacy Quebec has unveiled a free Literacy Helpline (1-888-521-8181) to help adult English speakers connect with their provincial network of literacy organizations in February 2021. Their support comes at a time when an easy access route to resources is more important than ever with so many people stuck at home alone or trying to support their […]

You’re hired! Now stay home. New recruits navigate the pandemic working world

Feeling pressured to overperform and prove himself is something 27-year-old Jama Jama can relate to, especially after landing a temporary job in October as an administrative clerk. He describes it as “feeling stuck, feeling that it’s never enough, like most students or people of my generation.” He’s been working remotely during the pandemic since graduating […]

Jolin-Barrette ne lie pas le bilinguisme des juges à l’indépendance judiciaire

Le désaccord entre les parties quant au bilinguisme des juges à la Cour du Québec n’est pas du tout une question d’indépendance judiciaire, affirme le ministre de la Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette. Au cours d’une conférence de presse, mercredi à Montréal, le ministre de la Justice et procureur général du Québec a été appelé à commenter le […]

Difficulté de trouver un emploi sans parler anglais : « Pas normal », s’exclame Simon Jolin-Barrette

(Montréal) Le ministre responsable de la Charte de la langue française, Simon Jolin-Barrette, réitère son engagement à renforcer le droit de travailler en français au Québec. De passage à Montréal mercredi, où il donnait une conférence de presse sur un autre sujet, à titre de ministre de la Justice, le ministre Jolin-Barrette a été appelé […]