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Quebec Liberals trying to reconnect with Anglophones

This week the Liberals sent a letter to federal ministers about the challenges faced by English-speaking communities outside of Montreal, while Premier Philippe Couillard announced he is creating a new administrative office dedicated to anglophones. This group will be part of the premier’s executive council and will “state and voice their concerns at the highest […]

Couillard government concerned about “assimilation” of outlying anglophone communities

The Couillard government says it’s concerned about the isolation and assimilation of anglophone communities in Quebec’s outlying regions. Jean-Marc Fournier, minister responsible for intergovernmental affairs and the Francophonie, reportedly said in a letter to the federal heritage minister that they are concerned about the isolation and assimilation of the anglophone communities in the outer regions […]

Checking in: Should we worry about the Anglophone minority of Quebec? (FR)

The Couillard government wonders if more money should be invested in order to offer services to Anglophones who live outside of Montreal. Projections show however that their demographic weight should increase. Between 1996 and 2011, the number of Quebecers who live outside of Montreal whose mother tongue is English decreased by 2.3%. Nevertheless, Statistics Canada […]

Quebec government calls on Ottawa to help province’s small English communities

The Quebec government is calling on Ottawa to provide help for the province’s anglophone communities outside Montreal. Ministers say they are worried about the survival of those communities and are asking to give them a financial boost. Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly asked House Leader and Minister for La Francophonie Jean-Marc Fournier to share his […]

Les droits en matière d’éducation des minorités linguistiques et les communautés minoritaires d’expression anglaise du Canada : Un regard vers l’avenir – Mémoire au groupe d’étude du système électoral

Dans un mémoire présenté au groupe d’étude chargé de l’examen du projet de réforme des commissions scolaires, le Community Groups Network passe en revue les droits constitutionnels des Québécoises et des Québécois d’expression anglaise portant sur contrôle et la gestion de commissions scolaires de langue minoritaire (en anglais).

Dark days for Quebec healthcare

It’s a dark moment for Quebec health care. The first part of a system-wide reform was rammed through the National Assembly in the wee hours of Saturday morning after a marathon sitting to adopt controversial Bill 10. The new law will abolish regional health agencies and merge the governing bodies of 182 hospitals, long-term care homes and rehabilitation centres into 34 mega-boards. […]