Structural Issues Continue to Marginalize English-speaking Quebecers

Last fall, representatives of the QCGN attended the community consultation sessions organized by the Secretariat for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers. The QCGN maintains that while the consultation opened a dialogue, the process addressed surface symptoms. It largely failed to identify specific pragmatic solutions – in language instruction, health care, education, and elsewhere – required to arrest the steady erosion of our community’s vitality. These structural issues continue to marginalize our community, severely undermining our longer-term viability. In the attached report, the QCGN lays out its evidence-based strategic vision. This approach is framed by the “par et pour” model, that is “by us and for us.” The QCGN calls for the Secretariat and the Premier’s Parliamentary Assistant to serve as strong advocates for our community within government policy development – to ensure that our community’s voices and needs are both heard and heeded.

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