Minority report

By Melanie Scott, The Low Down to Hull and Back News

In an ideal world, minorities and citizens who don’t get heard wouldn’t need to be represented by organizations. We wouldn’t need a Status of Women department. Or Children’s Aid. Or the Canadian Council for Refugees. Or the Fédération des communautés Francophones et Acadienne du Canada.

We need these organizations to help ensure that the voices of everyone are considered when it comes to access to services and human rights.

Anyone who witnessed the mass escape-from-Montreal by the Anglo community in Montreal in 1976 will recall the outrage of those Anglos – especially the very privileged who had plenty of money to take with them. They were content with the Francophone community being a ‘minority’ (which is how that community was treated by many Anglophones). As long as the Anglo businesses were thriving, everything was just tickety-boo.

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