Thousands of Quebecers sign petition seeking changes to Bill 10

Montreal – November 26, 2014 – 

The campaign for amendments to Bill 10 reached another peak this week as an online petition against the proposed legislation hit more than 9000 signatures. And that number is increasing day by day as the public becomes increasingly aware of the significant impacts the proposed legislation would have on the health and social service institutions that were built and supported by the English-speaking community and have served the community for many generations.

The petition expresses deep concerns with Bill 10 and the speed with which the government is moving forward to adopt the wide-ranging legislation that will have profound impacts on our community’s vitality and identity. It also noted that the dissolution of the current institutional network and the centralizing of control of the system will have profound consequences for English-speaking and other minority communities with respect to their historical attachment to their institutions and their participation in the public system.

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