Montreal Hospitals May No Longer Be Bilingual

By Michael D’Alimonte,

Changes may be coming to the set up of Quebec’s health care administration, in the form of Bill 10, which would streamline services and save the province a bunch of money. Sounds good on paper, but as Eric Maldoff, lawyer and strategic adviser for Quebec Community Group Network (QCGN),explained to CTV, the result can mean little to no service for Anglophone health care patients, as hospitals would lose their bilingual status.

Bill 10 was proposed by Health Minister Gaétan Barrette, with the promise of saving Quebec $220 million every year. Administration would be reduced, by merging all health care institutions into one, all controlled by the province/the Minister of Health. The bad part is, though, all community groups and boards of directors that represent minority communities would no longer exist.

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