Quebec Community Groups Network demands changes to Bill 10

By Karen Seidman, The Gazette

With 24 anxious leaders of English-language institutions flanking him, former Liberal MNA Clifford Lincoln made an impassioned plea to Premier Philippe Couillard on Monday to intervene to ensure that longstanding rights of the English community aren’t destroyed by Bill 10.

Quebec’s English-language community took a strong stand against the current draft of Bill 10 on Monday, saying the government’s attempt to restructure health care in Quebec would abolish the anglophone community’s hospitals and nursing homes as stand-alone institutions.

“The 24 institutions that are protected as bilingual will disappear in one fell swoop,” said Clifford Lincoln, a former Liberal MNA, adding that Health Minister Gaétan Barrette is jeopardizing the “Liberal legacy” — the right of the English community to participate in the control and management of its institutions — with a hurried and drastic plan.

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