QCGN presents its brief on Bill 10

Montreal – October 30, 2014 – 

The government must find a way to ensure that Quebec’s English-speaking communities continue to have some degree of control and management over the institutions that it built and has supported for generations. It must also ensure that institutions designated to provide bilingual services are not abolished by the provincial government’s sweeping health care reforms.

Those were among the messages the Quebec Community Groups Network and its partners and stakeholders delivered to Health Minister Gaétan Barrette during public hearings on Bill 10 at the National Assembly in Quebec City.

“The QCGN, our member organizations, and the many partners we have consulted over the past few weeks are profoundly worried about how Bill 10 will impact our institutions and the vitality of our communities,” QCGN President Dan Lamoureux told the commission looking into the proposed legislation that would abolish regional health agencies and regroup some 185 health and social service institutions into 19 mega regional centers.

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