Letter: Why the QCGN rejects Bill 14

The Gazette, Letter: Dan Lamoureux 

Since Bill 101 was passed some 35 years ago, English-speaking Quebecers have made tremendous efforts to speak the language of Quebec’s majority. We consider French to be the common language of Quebec. Most of us speak French every day, even if we speak English among ourselves, and in the privacy of our own homes. The majority of English-speaking Quebecers — 69 per cent of us — are bilingual. This reflects our integration in Quebec and our commitment to the French language.

In order to maintain a shaky linguistic truce, our post-Bill-101 generation has accepted restrictions on our language. Those who did not leave during the mass exodus of the 1970s have learned to live with Bill 101. However, we are opposed to any new measures that would undermine the vitality of our communities.

The overwhelming reaction of English-speaking Quebecers to Bill 14, the proposed overhaul of Bill 101, or the Charter of the French Language, has been negative.

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