Notre Home: a story of identity for young English-speaking Gaspesians

Gaspé Spec, Letter to the editor, by David Hodges, Montreal-based hip-hop artist

I am a proud to be an Anglo-Quebecer, a Québécois. For most youth of my generation we believe our future in Quebec is contingent on breaking down socio-cultural and linguistic barriers through collaboration, dialogue … and song. 

We are the generation born and raised to be the same 

I’m with my brothers and sisters; we wanna be the change 

We’ve come to know a beautiful culture, we mustn’t go 

We’re here to stay, sing and praise a place we’re calling Notre Home

These lyrics express my sentiment of belonging to the province of Quebec.  My Home.  “Notre Home”.

Now back from our Notre Home tour in the Gaspé, I am most impressed by the resilience and the strong sense of belonging that young Gaspesians have towards their region. However, this part of the country is far away from major centres, so the youth, and in particular English-speaking youth really need to find new ways in which to celebrate their culture and history. 

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